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09/08/22 (WIWT News)  As the debit/credit card processing woes continue, EBT card processing seems to be a particular focus of cyber attack efforts.  Multiple demonstrations were held Thursday night, in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Detroit saw the largest turnouts, with protest leaders demanding that “if you want to starve our kids, we won’t just wait for you to give us food.  We’ll just take it!”

Community leaders tried to bring calm to the crowds, and their efforts were marginally effective, but effective nonetheless.  Still, in many of the cities, well-known activist leaders vow they will keep up the pressure until “this is made right.”  Other social media postings quoted live streaming video of protesters making several other statements, such as “we get what’s ours, or we take it,” and “This’ll get uglier and uglier as long as the intent is to starve us.”

One community church in Baltimore showed up at a demonstration with a delivery truck, filled with food from their community food pantry, as a show of solidarity and support.  Unfortunately, only about a quarter of the food had been handed out before canned food was being used to hurl at a police line which had formed to keep the peace.  The street was littered Friday morning with trampled food, wrappers, and packaging.

A representative of the church said almost all of the food that was handed out was destroyed.  She also stated in the future they would simply open their food bank at the church, where those in need could come, and they would make sure no one goes without.



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