What is a Net:

A ‘Net’ is a regularly scheduled communications network and normally refers to radio communications. A Net is a great way to practice and become proficient with equipment while meeting and keeping in contact with other like-minded preppers, patriots and redoubters in your area or region. There are several ways you can participate in the Nets! It can be as easy as monitoring your FRS radio, checking in on your 2m radio or for more advanced operators (with more capabilities) joining the digital nets. Help us strengthen the AmRRON network by Joining or Starting a Net.

AmRRON Videos:

Be sure to watch the Introduction to AmRRON and Introduction to the CH3 project videos to familiarize yourself with AmRRON before Joining or Starting a net.

Types of Nets:

Local Nets– These are local range nets using FRS, MURS, CB (license not required) and 2m or 70cm (license required). If you do not have a Ham Radio license, you can still monitor the 2m and 70cm nets and check-in on FRS, MURS or CB during the CH3 project relays.

Sub-Regional Nets– These are High Frequency (HF) nets on 40m/80m, limited to sub-regions depending on conditions. A General Class Radio License and a HF radio is required to transmit during these nets. However, you can monitor using a Shortwave Radio with SSB and check in using the the Monitoring only check-in Form online.

Regional/National Nets– The National net is a 20m net that can be heard across the entire United States if conditions are optimal using High Frequency (HF). There are also four regional rolling nets (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern) on 40m/80m to ensure nationwide coverage and connectivity between the regions. If you do not have HF capabilities, you can monitor using a Shortwave Radio with SSB and check in using the the Monitoring only check-in Form online.

TAPRN Regional Nets– TAPRN stands for The American Preparedness Radio Net. TAPRN runs a weekly Eastern Regional 40m/80m HF net. After the NCS takes check-ins, they discuss a topic related to self reliance and preparedness.

Other Nets of Interest– These nets are not affiliated with AmRRON, but were recommended as useful resources for monitoring for news, events, and other information. These are already established nets where Hams are likely to congregate. If you know of a net that could be a useful source for monitoring radio traffic in TEOTWAWKI, let us know.

Net Directories:

Local Nets Directory
Sub-Regional Nets Directory
Regional/National Nets Schedule
TAPRN Nets Schedule
Other Nets of Interest Listings

How to Join a Net:

Select one of the nets from the directories listed above based on your communications capabilities and location. Tune to the correct channel/frequency at the scheduled time, and you will be directed by the Net Control Station running the net when to check-in. If you do not see a net in your area, you can start one! Continue with the instructions below.

 DO NOT use your AmRRON CODE NAME on the Ham Radio bands (use your FCC call sign)
 DO NOT use your FCC CALL sign on the non licensed comms (FRS/MURS/CB), use your AmRRON CODE NAME.

How to start a Net:

Before you consider starting a new AmRRON net, you must complete a Net Control Station Application form. The application will provide us more information regarding your communications capabilities and any NCS experience you may have. Note: previous experience is not required. The application form also lists the roles and responsibilities as a future NCS. Once you have completed the NCS application process you are able to submit a request for a new AmRRON net. Continue with the instructions below.

AmRRON Net Defined:

An AmRRON Net is one which specifically identifies itself as an AmRRON Net in the preamble, and refers net participants to the website, AmRRON.com for more information. AmRRON Nets also encourage membership and include one or more of the following:

  • A portion of the net (5 minutes) participants are encouraged to attempt to make CH3 contacts on CB, FRS, or MURS (for local nets).
  • Instructions are given for persons listening who cannot check in by radio, to fill out the Net Check-In Form at the website.
  • When available, distributing the most recent Net Word Of The Week and Authentication Number to the net.

Note: Some nets are jointly held with other patriot/preparedness radio networks. For example, there are AmRRON/Oathkeeper Nets that are conducted, encouraging participation from two or more groups, but are announced as such, with all participating groups mentioned. If ‘AmRRON’ is mentioned in the preamble and during the net, it would meet the requirements for being listed on the Net Calendar as an AmRRON Net.

Submit Request for New Net:

After completing the NCS application process, you are able to submit a request for a new net. Check the net directories and verify there is not an existing net in your area during the time you will be requesting. If there are no conflicts, complete the request form using the link below:

New Net Request form

Once your request is reviewed and approved, you will receive email confirmation and the net will be listed on the Scheduled Nets Calendar and the Net Directory.

Scheduled Nets Update Request:

As NCS, you will be responsible for submitting any updates to your net. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to week, day, time, frequency, mode, etc.

Scheduled Nets Update form

Contact Information:

If you have additional questions, contact us at nets@amrron.com. Including your AmRRON Code Name.