AmRRON_CH3_HectagonA ‘Net’ is a regularly-scheduled communications network and is a great way to practice,
become proficient with your equipment and make contact with like-minded patriots in your area.

Local Nets:
These are local range nets using FRS, MURS, CB (license not required) and 2m or 70cm (license required). If you do not have a Ham Radio license, you can still monitor the 2m and 70cm nets and check-in on FRS, MURS or CB during the CH3 project relays.

AmRRON Members have access to a live Chatroom during the Schedule Nets.
Use your AmRRON member password to access the AmRRON chatroom.

Checking in:
If you can’t check in on the radio, or you are listening on a scanner, you can check in electronically using the Net Check In Form.

If you don’t see an AmRRON net in your area, start one and it will be add it to the directory below.

A * as the first letter of the state shows we have received a reply and the net is Still Active

Local Voice Nets Directory Listed By State:

StateCounty/CityBandFrequencyModeDate (week)
AlabamaBaldwin Co2m146.420 simplexVoice1st & 3rd Thursday1900 local
AlabamaDekalb2m147.470 -0.6mhz
pl 77 hz
VoiceEvery Sunday2100 hrs local
AlabamaJefferson Co70cm/Ch3444.700 +5m 156.7 toneVoiceEvery Wednesday2000 hrs local
ArizonaGlendale Co.
MURS/FRS/CBCH3VoiceEvery Saturday
2nd & 4th Wednesday
1500 hrs local on sat
1800 hrs on wed
* ArizonaGolden ValleyFRS/2mFRS 3
146.420 simplex
Voice1st Thurs
1900 hrs local (frs)
1905 hrs (2m)
ArizonaWestern Maricopa Co
NW Phoenix
2m146.420 simplexVoice1st Thursday1930 hrs local
* ArizonaPrescott Valley2m/FRS146.420/462.6125VoiceEvery Sunday1900 hrs local
ArizonaYavapai County2m145.290- pl 127.3VoiceEvery Tuesday1900 local
CaliforniaFresno2m146.42 SimplexVoice1st & 3rd Thursday1930 hrs local
CaliforniaGlenn2m145.410 -600 pl123.0
alt 147.105 +600 pl110.9
Voice2nd and 4th Thursday1930 hrs local
CaliforniaModoc CoMURS ch3151.940 no PLVoiceEvery Monday2000 hrs local
CaliforniaOakhurst2m146.420 simplexVoice1st & 3rd Saturdays1900 hrs local
CaliforniaSacramento Co2m146.610 PL 136.5 (-)Voice2nd & 4th Tues
2000 hrs local
CaliforniaMira Mesa2m
1st & 3rd Wed
1st & 3rd Wed
1900 hrs local
1903 hrs local
CaliforniaLos Angeles /Orange/
2m146.610 pl 103.5 (-)VoiceEvery Friday2000 hrs local
FloridaPinellasFRS/Ch3462.612mhz FRS-3VoiceEvery Friday2000 hrs local
GeorgiaMetro Atlanta2m146.925- pl 88.5
Echolink 6925
VoiceEvery Tuesday2000 hrs local
0000 hrs Zulu
* GeorgiaColumbia Co2m/FRS/CH3146.985- pl 71.9hz
VoiceEvery Monday2045 hrs local FRS/CB
2100 hrs local 2m
IdahoBenewahFRS 3, 2m 462.6125
VoiceEvery Sunday1800-1820 FRS
1820-1840 2m
IdahoBonner Co
2m/CH3146.420 simplexVoice1st and 3rd Thurs
1900 hrs local
1910 hrs ch3 checkins
IdahoKootenia Co2m/CH3*146.420 Simplex
Voice1st & 3rd Thurs
1930 hrs local
*1945 CH3 Relay
IdahoLatah Co2m/CH3146.420 SimplexVoice1st & 3rd Thurs
2000 hrs local
IdahoSagle/Sandpoint2m/MURS 3146.420 simplex
VoiceEvery Sunday1930 local 2m
1945 local MURS 3
IdahoSouthern Idaho
Owyhee Co, Gem, Boise, Canyon,Ada, Elmore,Payette,Twin Falls, Valley
2m/70cm146.420 Simplex

443.300 (+)
linked to the 147.360 PL100

.550 (+)
VoiceEvery Wed
2000 hrs local Simplex

2030 hrs local Rpt
IllinoisChampaign Co/ Urbana2m/GMRS/FRS146.420 simplex
VoiceEvery Friday2000 hrs local
Illinois/WisconsinLake Co, McHenery Co/ Kenosha & Racine Co2m145.410(-) pl 114.8
146.460 simplex backup
VoiceEvery Thursday2100 hrs local
* IllinoisPeoria
Amrron of PIA/TAZ-Wood Net
2m2m 147.330 -
103.5 pl
echo 629244
2000 local 2m Voice
IndianaIndianapolisCB/FRSCh3Voice1st Saturday of the month2000 Eastern
IowaAnkeny2m146.420 simplexVoice2nd & 4th Sunday1930hrs local
* KansasSedgwick2m/FRS3/CB146.420 simplex/ FRS 3VoiceEvery Saturday 2100 hrs local
MassachusettsLakevilleCB/GmrsCB-3/GMRS-3Voice2nd & 4th Wednesday2000 hrs local
MassachusettsPalmerCH3/CB,FRS,MURSCH3/CB,FRS,MURSVoiceEvery Sunday2000hrs local
* MichiganKalamazoo2m146.20 simplexVoiceEvery Sunday1845 hrs local
MichiganMacomb Co
Michigan Patriot Unified Radio Network
2m146.20 simplexVoiceEvery Monday1930 hrs local
MinnesotaWashington Co2m, CH3146.420 simplex with checks on ch3Voice1st & 3rd Thursday2000 hrs local
MinnesotaWatanwon Co10m
28.305 USB

Every Thursday
2000 hrs local
MississippiMadison2m145.450- pl 77hz link to 441.700 Raymond MS
Echo 39154 Sharon,MS
VoiceEvery Thursday1930hrs local
MissouriNewtonMURS/CH3151.940VoiceEvery Tuesday1900 hrs local
MissouriWillow Springs2m146.420Voice1st & 3rd Thursday1900 local
Flathead Co
2m146.86- pl100VoiceEvery Thursday1900 hrs local
NevadaWashoe Co2m146.420 simplexVoiceEvery Thursday1930 hrs local
New JerseySayrevilleMURS 3151.940 simplexVoiceEvery Wednesday1000 hrs local
New YorkFishkillUhf449.9750 pl 88.5
N2DXL rpt Clove Mtn
VoiceSaturday2030 hrs local
New York Orange CoCB & MURS GMRS
2m UHF
CB CH 3 (26.985 Mhz.)
MURS CH 3 (151.940 Mhz.)
GMRS/FRS CH 3 (462.6125 MHz.)
146.420 simplex
462.600 + pl192.8
443.700 + pl141.3
Voice1st Thurs
2000 hrs local
North CarolinaBrunswick Co.
Carolina Crusader Network
VoiceEvery Sunday and
Every Thursday
1600 hrs local Sunday
1900 hrs local Thurs.
North CarolinaStokes
(Piedmont Triad)
2m146.790- pl 107.2
53.950 -1 pl100
53.310 -1 pl100
echo W4SNA-R
Voice2nd & 4th Thursday2030 hrs local
North CarolinaRowan Co2m145.410- Pl 136.5VoiceEvery Monday except the 2nd Monday of the month1900 hrs local
North CarolinaUnion2m146.420 simplexVoice1st & 3rd Tuesday1930 hrs local
OhioLucas CoGMRS462.575+ pl 186.2VoiceSaturdays2100 hrs local
OhioLucas Co2m146.610- pl 103.5VoiceEvery Friday2100 hrs local
OklahomaArdmore2m146.420 simplexVoice2nd & 4th Tuesday1330 hrs local
OklahomaCanadian Co2m146.420 simplexVoiceEvery Monday1900 hrs local
OklahomaComanche Co2m146.420 simplexVoiceEvery Tuesday1900 hrs local
OklahomaCreek2m146.420 simplexVoiceEvery Sunday2000 hrs local
OregonHillsboro2m146.420 simplexVoice1st & 3rd Sunday1800 hrs local
OregonGrants PassGMRS
Gilbert Peak Repeater
462.725 pl 141.3
+5 offset
VoieEvery Sunday1900 hrs local
OregonOregon City2m146.420 simplexVoiceEvery Monday 2000 hrs local
OregonSutherlin2m146.420 simplex
VoiceEvery Monday1930 hrs local
PennsylvaniaExton2m146.420 simplexVoiceEvery Thursday2030 hrs local (EST)
PennsylvaniaGreene2m146.420 simplexVoice3rd Thursday2000 hrs local (EST)
PennsylvaniaJefferson Co2m/10m146.520 simplex
28.300 ssb
Voice3rd Saturday
2000 hrs local
South CarolinaSummerville
Berkeley Co.
2m/CH3146.420 simplexVoiceEvery Wednesday2000 hrs local
TennesseeEtowah2m/CB3/FRS3/MURS3/10m146.420 simplex
VoiceEvery Thursday 1900 hrs local
TexasAnderson Co
2m147.080 + pl 103.5VoiceEvery Thursday1930 hrs local
This net starts at the close of the "Survival" net which starts at 1930
TexasBrazoria Co2m/70cm147.180 147.380
444.300 pl 141.3
VoiceEvery Monday2100 hrs local
TexasShackelford County2m146.420 simplexVoiceEvery Sunday1900 hrs local
TexasDallas2m1920 DMR 31648
1930 Watuga ch88 &
Ceader Hills ch30
1940 DA6880 ch 7 &
DA6700 ch28
1945 CI5350 ch36 &
JN5490 ch21
VoiceEvery night during AmCON 31920 hrs local
TexasDecatur2m146.420 simplexVoiceFirst Tuesday2030 hrs local
TexasGuadalupe2m146.42 simplexVoice4th Tuesday0200 utc
TexasJasper Co, Kirbyville2m/CB 3146.420/ CB ch 3VoiceEvery Thursday2030 hrs local
VirginiaClarke2m146.430 simplexVoice2nd & 4th Wednesday2000 hrs local
VirginiaMechanicsvilleFRS/CB/CH3FRS/CB/CH3Voice1st & 3rd Thurs
2000 hrs local
WashingtonLynnwood2m/FRS3/Murs3146.520/FRS-3 /Murs-3VoiceEvery Wednesday2100 hrs local
WashingtonPend Orielle Co.CH3/FRSFRS-3
VoiceEvery Wednesday1915 hrs local
WashingtonPuyallup2m146.420 simplexVoice1st Wednesday2000 hrs local
WashingtonSnohomish2m147.180 +600 pl103.5VoiceEvery Wednesday1900 hrs local
(Mill Creek area)
Murs 3/FRS 3/CB 3Murs/Frs/CB-3(Am)Voice1st Monday2100 hrs local-Murs
followed by FRS
WashingtonStevens Co2m146.620 pl 77
Voice1st & 3rd Thursday1900 hrs local
1915 hrs local approx
Voiceevery Thrusday2000 hrs local
Wisconsinsee Illinois/Wisconsin

Local Digital Nets Directory Listed By State:

ColoradoColorado Springs2m144.5MT63-1KLEvery Monday2030 hrs local
IdahoBenewah2m144.48MT63-1KLEvery Sunday1840-1915 local
IdahoCanyon Owyhee Ada Gem Elmore2m144.500
1000 wf
start on C 4/250
2nd & 4th Mondays1930 hrs local
TennesseeHenry Co2m144.5contestia 4/250
Every Thursday1930 local
WashingtonSpokane Co.2m144.48MFSK321st & 3rd Wednesday2000 Local
WashingtonStevens Co.2m144.48MFSK321st & 3rd Thurs.1800 local
TexasTarrant Co.2m144.58MT-63 1KLEvery Tuesday1830 Local