AmRRON_CH3_HectagonA ‘Net’ is a regularly-scheduled communications network and is a great way to practice,
become proficient with your equipment and make contact with like-minded patriots in your area.

AmRRON Members have access to a live Chatroom during the Schedule Nets.
Use your AmRRON member password to access the AmRRON chatroom.

Checking in:
If you are unable to get checked in over the radio, or you are listening on a scanner, check in using the Net Check In Form.


East/Central Digital Practice Nets (WEEKLY):

Don’t forget about the Eastern/Central Digital Practice Net each 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening at 0100hrs Zulu on 3.588 MHz, beginning with Contestia 4/250 at 1000 on the waterfall.  Traffic is normally passed using MFSK-32, and consists of the weekly AIB, Supplemental Vericode, and any other ‘official’ AmRRON traffic for the net.

On the 1st,3rd,5th weeks there will be an alternate digital training nets by a different NCS (based out of Florida), same time and freq, and goals.

An * as the first character of the state name means they are Still active and have replied to the net status query

Sub-Regional Voice Nets:

StateNCS County
(Net Name)
(+or- qrm)
Zulu Time
ArizonaMaricopa County
South West Sub-Regional (Multi-band) Voice
80/40m3.818 Nov till March
7.242 April till Oct
LSB1st & 3rd Saturdays0230
FloridaBrevard County
Florida Sub-Regional 40/80m Voice
80/40m3.818 / 7.242LSBEvery Monday0030
GeorgiaHarris County80m3.818LSB1st & 3rd Thurs0100
* IllinoisPeoria
Amrron of PIA/TAZ-Wood Net
LsbEvery Thursday0000
MichiganKalamazoo80m3.990 +-.10LSBEvery Sunday1900 Eastern
Mississippi 80m Voice
80m3.967LSB1st & 3rd Tuesday0130
NebraskaHamilton Co80m3.818LSB2nd&4th Monday0300
South CarolinaLancaster
for NC & SC
Amrron of SC ZelloZelloZelloEvery Sunday0100
South CarolinaSpartanburg Co
South Carolina Sub Regional NVIS 80m Voice
80m NVIS3.818LSBEvery Saturday2300
Texas Sub Regional
80/40m Voice Net
80/40m3.818/7.242LSBEvery Monday0045
VirginiaPrince William Co
Virginia Sub-Regional 80m Voice
80m3.818 LSBEvery Monday0100
WisconsinManitowoc County
Wisconsin Sub-Regional 40/80m Voice
80m/40m3.818/7.242LSB1st & 3rd Wednesday0100

Sub-Regional Digital Nets:

StateNCS County
(Net Name)
BandfrequencySidebandModeDateZulu Time
ArizonaMaricopa County
South West Sub-Regional Digital
80/40m3.588/7.110USBContestia 4/2501st & 3rd Saturdays245
FloridaSt. Lucie County
40m7.11USBContestia 4/2502nd & 4th Sunday100
Florida-Minneola 80/40 Digital
USBContestia 4/250Every Monday following NY digi net130
GeorgiaColumbia County
CSRA Amrron
80m3.588USBContestia 4/2503rd Friday0100Z
IllinoisMarion County40m7.065USBContestia 4/250Every Mon, Wed, Fri245
* IllinoisPeoria
Amrron of Pia/Taz-Wood
80m3.588USBEvery Thursday30
* MichiganKalamazoo80m3.58USBPSK31Every Saturday1930 Eastern time
MinnesotaOlmsted80m3.588USBContestia 4/250
Every Sunday0030z
* New YorkSaratoga County
East NY 80m Digital
USBContestia 4/250Every Monday1900 Eastern Time
* New YorkWayne Co
West NY 80m Digital
80m3.588USBContestia 4/250Every Friday2100 Eastern
North CarolinaGranville
South East Taprn/Amrron Sub-Regional Digital
80m3.588USBContestia 4/250
1000 on wf
Every Sunday0100Z
North CarolinaPiedmont/Triad Area
North Carolina 80m Digital NVIS Net
80m3.588USBFSQ 4.5 / JS8Call2nd & 4th Thursdays2000 Eastern Time Zone local
joint Taprn/Amrron
80m3.588USBContestia 4/250Every Saturday0100Z
OklahomaCreek Co
South Central Sub Regional 80m Digital
80m3.588USBFSQ 4.5
1500 wf
Every Sunday1900 Central Time
TexasCentral Region Digital Training Net80m3.588USBContestia 4/250Every Tuesday0200Z
TexasAmRRON Texas SITREP Net80m3.588USBContestia 4/2502nd, 4th, & 5th Thursday0200Z
TexasRunnels Co
Night Owl Net
80m3.588USBContestia 4/250Every Thursday0600 z / 1am cst
* VirginaPrince William
Virginia Sub-Regional 80m Digital
80m3.588USBContestia 4/250
1200 on wf
Every Monday2100 Eastern time