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AmRRON Communications Network Condition Level is:

10/13 AmCON level lowered to AMCON 5

For more information on how the AmCON level is determined CLICK HERE

*09 OCT 2018 UPDATE: *

In response to the predicted landfall of Hurricane Michael on the Florida panhandle we are raising the AmCON Level to level 2 (Incident Imminent). Landfall is expected as early as Wednesday night or early Thursday morning as a Category 4 hurricane, directly impacting the panhandle of Florida and most of Georgia. See the links below for detailed instructions and updates.


Hurricane Michael Updates

Hurricane Resource Links


AmRRON Corps Operators, check your email for further instructions.








9/17 UPDATE: After assessing the situation related to Hurricane (now tropical depression) Florence, we are returning to AmCON-5 at the nationwide organizational level. AmRRON support operations will continue on a regional level as needed, with coordination taking place on the Z-Net ‘AmRRON Eastern Division’ channel. We will continue to conduct 80 meter nets on both voice and digital according to the SOI time schedule for the next 24 hours, and persistent beaconing nets at 7.110 and 3.588. There are still several communities which are isolated by floodwaters and which are without cellular service. If you are in the affected area you are encouraged to monitor the appropriate frequencies, including the CH3 channels on FRS, MURS, and CB, as you may be the only lifeline for someone calling for help. We are continuing to work with ‘Foxtrot Company’, the Forward Observer’s intelligence network as we have several AmRRON Corps operators who are acting as intelligence analysts and liaisons with FO. Thank you guys for your STELLAR (and thorough) work. Patriots truly networked! Also, hats off to you all who aided in liaison ops with the Cajun Navy. God bless those guys for being in the thick of it and risking their lives. AmRRON operators have helped pass critical and timely information, provide support, and contributed to the rescue and recovery of stranded citizens during this incident. The AmRRON Corps operators who have participated in this recent AmRRON activation are to be commended! Their perseverance and tireless efforts have proven their character as selfless heroes who rose to the occasion in time of need to aid and assist their fellow countrymen. There will be more to follow and I don’t want to begin listing code names for fear of forgetting someone. It is a privilege and an honor to be serving alongside the men and women in AmRRON Corps who rose to the occasion and embraced the challenge. Below is a STATREP that was relayed over the Z-Net as I was typing this. I thought it worth sharing. Thank you all who responded to the call over the past week. God bless, and 73, -JJS Charger-62 STATREP 1503Z Relay for KM4xxx Grid FM14AI DTG 20180917 1200Z Hurricane Florence Update: Water levels are high but stabilized despite continued rain Jet traffic was observed using ILM Airport. Type unknown Numerous helicopters operating in area FEMA reported to be using mall as staging area. Utilities have set up base at CFCC campus Cajun Navy has been working the area. KM4xxx reports having fuel, food, and water. His phone service has gotten better since yesterday and now has data service but he is using generator power. Normal power and water has not been reported to his area. There were reports of looting last night and reports of suspicious vehicles in the area. Transportation is limited due to continued flooding, threat of flashflood, and numerous trees and debris in the roadways. Charger-62




SITUATION: As of Friday, 14 September at 0300hrs Zulu, the AmCON is being raised to Level-1 (Active Incident – Regional) due to the landfall of Hurricane Florence. CONDITIONS: Power outages and extensive damage along the coast are being reported. Flooding and wind damage is expected to cause widespread sustained power outages. Power Outages Begin: Storm Impact Coverage: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: The Signals Operating Instructions (SOI) are being implemented. Nets are being operated by two SIGCENS in NC (Peidmont Triad) and the GA/SC central border, as well as multiple NCSs across the country. If you would like to assist as a Net Control Station, please contact us at and type ‘Net Control Volunteer’ in the Subject line. 20 meter nets will only run twice a day at 1400hrs Zulu and 2000hrs Zulu, in both voice and digital (Contestia 4/250) modes. Refer to the AmRRON Activation PDF for further guidance. SPECIAL NOTE: Please remember to make a special effort to call out on the CH3 (FRS, MURS, CB) at the appointed times to get information out to your community and to listen for parties in distress. Also, if you are running a Black Echo station, let us know where you are and what frequency you are transmitting on, by emailing us at and type ‘Black Echo’ in the Subject line. Be safe! -JJS ================================================================== 9/13 As of Thursday, 13 Sept. at 1700hrs Zulu we are increasing the AmCON to level 2 (Incident Imminent). Hurricane-force high sustained winds and extremely heavy rainfall are forecast and damage is imminent. Major disruptions to conventional power and telecommunications grids as well as transportation are expected in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, especially along the coastal areas. As of this update, persistent (continuous) nets are being conducted on the 40m and 80m digital frequencies using beaconing modes FSQ Call and FT-8 Call. Additionally, nets are being conducted according to the AmRRON SOI. Please refer to the AmRRON Activation PDF for more details. Expect a change to AmCON-1 (Active Incident) within the next 6 to 8 hours. Additional HURRICANE UPDATES

*Weather Channel* *Carolina Storm Watch* *National Hurricane Center* —————————————————————– *OTHER HF NETS* Hurricane Watch Net – ‘WHEN ACTIVATED’ –> 14.325 (USB) by day and 7.268 by night Maritime Mobile Service Net – 14.300 USB       ========================================== 9/10 In response to the increased danger from an expected impact of Hurricane Florence this week, we are raising the AmCON to Level-3 (Incident Probable). At this time all AmRRON operators are to prepare for radio communications in anticipation of power and telecommunications failures in South Carolina, North Carolina, and the surrounding states. Refer to the Executive Summaries that have been issued by the GA/SC SIGCEN and Piedmont Triad (North Carolina) AmRRON Networks. LINK —>> Executive Summaries (and updates) At this time Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 (very strong) hurricane at sometime in the early morning hours (Eastern time) of Thursday, 13 September. Be prepared to be on the air by Wednesday. Ensure all digital communications software is up to date and tested, and review the AmRRON SOI. Anticipate persistent nets to be established (continuous coverage), covering all the bands simultaneously. We will likely need lots of help. VISIT AmRRON.COM AND BOOKMARK THIS AMCON PAGE AND REFRESH IT PERIODICALLY FOR CHANGES AND UPDATES. EXPECT CHANGES AND BE FLEXIBLE. *HURRICANE NEWS* *Weather Channel* *Carolina Storm Watch* *National Hurricane Center* —————————————————————– *OTHER HF NETS* Hurricane Watch Net – ‘WHEN ACTIVATED’ –> 14.325 (USB) by day and 7.268 by night Maritime Mobile Service Net – 14.300 USB *14 JUNE 2018 UPDATE*

Due to the apparent success of the U.S./North Korea talks this week, the
political and nuclear threat situation appears to have deescalated
significantly.  We are lowering the AmCON to Level 5, the lowest
level.   We will continue to be watchful.  Thank you for your vigilance
and always being ready to respond with emergency communications!


*15 APRIL 2018 UPDATE: *

//All Stations// 
Reduced readiness level to AmCON-4

Due to the limited scope of military action in Syria, and Russia's appeal to the United Nations in what appears to be a 'diplomatic' and propaganda response to the air strikes, it is our estimation that the situation has deescalated.  It is also our assessment that as a result, there is a significantly reduced probability of a major or catastrophic disruption to conventional communications. 

There does still exist a significant build-up of military assets in the region around Syria and tensions remain high.  The situation is still tense and volatile.  We urge AmRRON members (and others) to keep backupand non-essential electronics equipment stored in faraday when not in use.  Continue to train, improve your stations and your skillsets, and participate in the regularly-scheduled practice nets. 

Check the website for any further updates or guidance.  We hope to have a solution to the mobile AmRRON app soon. 

Stay safe and alert. 

*13 APRIL 2018 UPDATE: *

//All Stations// Due to increased tensions and the maneuvering of military assets by multiple nations in and around Syria, we are raising the AmCON to Level 3.  This increase in AmCON is to increase awareness of an increased probability of an event which could disrupt conventional communications.  We will continue to monitor the situation. At this time, no immediate action is called for beyond the general guidance outlined for AmCON 3.  More guidance will be forthcoming and will be posted on  We will continue to evaluate and assess. The Staff, AmRRON

Action In Syria Coming Amid Expectations Of Air Strikes
Haifa orders townspeople to prepare for emergency
Russia says the US is about to strike Syria — and that it will strike back
Russia, Syria: Israeli Jets Strike Air Base After Alleged Poison Gas Attack In Douma
Russia TV Instructs Viewers How to Prepare Bomb Shelters For Nuclear War (Video)
Nuclear ‘Doomsday Plane’ Goes Airborne As War Fears Grow

***Information Alert***
– Russian UN Ambassador warns “cannot exclude” possibility of direct conflict with US over Syria.
-UK Cabinet gives PM May approval for action.
– Russia moves Backfires (SU-22 Bombers) into Iran


*05 MAR 2018 UPDATE: *

//All Stations// The AmCON level has been lowered to level 4. This is in response to a reduced probability of an immediate threat from North Korea. We will continue to monitor the situation. Be sure to announce the current AmCON level during the scheduled AmRRON nets.  All stations begin preparing for T-REX 2018. by testing comms equipment and participating in the practice nets.

*09 DEC 2017 UPDATE: *

We will maintain at LEAST AmCON-3 until the situation involving North Korea stabilizes significantly. Continue training.  Stay alert.  Stay prepared! 
North Korea readying for another nuclear test? Satellite images show hectic activity at Punggye-ri.  Radio Pyongyang broadcast secret coded messages hinting at a possible impending weapons test.

*08 AUG 2017 UPDATE: *

Trump warns North Korea threats 'will be met with fire and fury'
* North Korea has successfully created a miniaturized nuclear weapon that can fit in its missiles, according to NBC News and The Washington Post.

*12 APRIL 2017 UPDATE: *

High potential for EMP-capable satellite(s)* Former CIA director James Woolsey & Dr. Peter Vincent Prypublished an Op-Ed 


1. Disconnect antennas from radios when not in use

2. Other unused or spare radios, laptops, thumb drives, etc. placed in faraday protection

3. Participate in T-Rex 2018 on July 20th - 22nd, as well as any upcoming practice nets to ensure your equipment, software and skills are ware are maintained and up to date.

Continue training.  Stay alert.  Stay prepared.