AmRRON Communications Network Condition Level is:



AmCON-3 as of 20211212-0230hrs Zulu

As of the date of this posting (11 Dec 2021 @ 18:30 Pacific) AmRRON is raising the communications readiness level to AmCON-3.  Numerous intelligence analyses indicate a high probability that Russia will conduct open combat operations against Ukraine.  Analysts are generally in agreement that war could break out within the next 30 days, and possibly much sooner.

GPS disruptions and jamming are already being reported in the region (see below).  It is expected that widespread cyber attacks will take place against NATO countries to disrupt command & control operations, which would likely emphasize internet and telecommunications, as well as potential power grid attacks.

As an emergency communications network for disasters and civil defense, we urge all of our operators to prepare to support information sharing in order to support each other and our communities.  AmRRON members are urged to take the following actions:

  • Update software and conduct ops checks of your equipment
  • Store any unused electronics in faraday protection unless performing checks and maintenance or training
  • Inspect and ops-check alternate power sources and charge batteries
  • Participate in scheduled practice nets
  • Update your phone tree and local/community communications plan
  • Make contact with your local communications network and conduct a communications test net
  • Make a follow-up contact with local community leadership to discuss how you might support them in a communications blackout situation (this should consist of leaders — pastors, patriot elected officials, and other influential community leaders — which you have previously built a working relationship with)
  • Review the Signals Operating Instructions and familiarize yourself with filling out STATREPs (full and abbreviated), SITREPs, SPOTREPs, etc.
  • Continue to follow for additional guidance, information, etc.

Read this full posting, with background and intelligence resources at:

AmCON-3: Russia (and China) Preparing for War


AmCON-4 as of 20211122-2200hrs Zulu

The AmRRON Communications Readiness Level has been reduced to Level 4.  There are no known imminent threats to our conventional power or telecommunications infrastructure.

Resume normal training schedules and persistent presence nets.

AmCON-3 as of 20211119-2200hrs Zulu (For the next 72 hours)

Wisconsin jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges in Kenosha murder trial. Metro areas across the US bracing for possible violence over verdict. (AlertsUSA)

AmCON has been raised to Level 3, and will remain for 72 hours unless the civil/criminal conditions deteriorate within that time.  In our estimation, based on open declarations by those on the political left, there is the very high probability of rioting and civil unrest, especially in and around metropolitan areas across the country.  We estimate there is an increased probability of disruptions to power and communications, including cellular and data, in and around metro areas.

AmRRON operators in and around metro areas advised to make contact with your mutual aid groups and contacts. Conduct comms checks. Monitor local law enforcement fire/EMS, and other local comms via scanner and/or Broadcastify streaming services.

God bless the Republic!

AmCON-4 as of 20210122-1630hrs Zulu

The AmRRON Communications Readiness Level has been reduced to Level 4.  There are no known imminent threats to our conventional power or telecommunications infrastructure.

Resume normal training schedules and persistent presence nets.

AmCON-2 as of 20210112-1730hrs Zulu 

Due to multiple major social media and mainstream media services purging President Trump’s accounts and the concerted efforts to silence him, his administration, and his supporters, we are increasing the AmCON to Level-2, indicating an ongoing disruption in conventional communications.

Additionally, there is an evident purge of hundreds of entities and individuals who are being purged and deplatformed for expressing conservative, traditional American, Christian, values and views.  This trend appears to be spreading daily, and sometimes hourly.

Action Items for all patriot-oriented citizens:

  1. Conduct Ops Checks of your equipment. Charge all batteries and check fuel
  2. Search for alternative social media applications (such as *Parler, Instagram, Gab, etc)
  3. Develop non-internet communications plans with your friends and family, such as a phone tree, radio communications plans, etc.
  4. Develop secure email accounts, such as Switzerland based or
  5. Explore anonymous and secure non server based internet communications such as Bitmessage, Confidantmail, Qtox, etc.
  6. If you don’t already, begin using a VPN Service, such as NordVPN
  7. Tune in to the scheduled AmRRON Nets to receive the weekly AIB, and other regularly scheduled net.
  8. Practice using your gear and upgrade your communications capabilities to include receiving (at minimum!) digital ham radio modes.

(On the website here, simply type in ‘Digital’ for numerous tutorials and information.

*Parler is in transition away from its Amazon based server to a more free-speech friendly hosting server.

NOTE:  Any digital mode traffic sent out by AmRRON National will include a file hash which will be posted at and elsewhere for you to authenticate the documents you receive **over the air.

**This is why digital capability is so important.  When sent/received using certain modes and methods, a true and authentic copy of the original traffic can be ensured, and ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks and altering of intended traffic can be minimized or eliminated.

Hash File for the AmRRON Intelligence Brief (AIB-20210112) is:


AmCON-3 as of 20200602-0700hrs Zulu 

Due to the recent civil unrest related to the insurrection by left wing extremists in the United States, AmRRON is raising its readiness condition level to 3  (Increased probability of disruption of conventional communications, however NOT imminent).

There are no known specific threats to our commercial power or communications infrastructure.  However, in our assessment, there is a high degree of organization, planning and coordination, as well as evidence of advanced tactics being used.  For example, the cutting of natural gas lines at a Minneapolis, MN police precinct in order to enhance the explosion and damage potential to the arson fires used to destroy the building.

We have seen claims on the internet by Antifa types that Molotov Cocktails (an improvised incendiary device) are child’s play, followed by instructions on making homemade explosives in aluminum beer bottles.  And we are aware of police radio jamming techniques which have been used against law enforcement in Chicago, disrupting their response to violence.  There is an increased likelihood that commercial power or communications could be disrupted to enhance the chaotic effects of the insurrectionist’s violent direct actions.  Follow for more updates.

Inspect your communications equipment and participate in regularly-scheduled training nets.  


For more information on how the AmCON level is determined CLICK HERE

AmCON-4 as of 20200103-1700hrs Zulu 

Due to the escalation of events between the United States and Iran, AmRRON is increasing the Readiness Condition level to FOUR.  This is to increase awareness of the potential for retaliatory strikes against US interests around the world and within our country.  There is an increased potential risk to conventional communications and the commercial power grid infrastructure through cyber attack.  However, there are NO KNOWN IMMINENT threats of attacks against any infrastructure, anywhere.

/// UPDATE /// 20200108-0045Z

NOTE FROM JJS:  We will hold at AmCON-4 (Possible threat), and continue to monitor.  Follow instructions outlined in AmCON-3 however.

  • Ops check your communications gear
  • Top off fuel in vehicles and fuel containers
  • Charge batteries and keep maintained
  • Disconnect and store any unused electronics in faraday protection

Iran fires missiles at multiple U.S. positions in Iraq in retaliation for Soleimani killing

WASHINGTON — Iran launched attacks on U.S. military bases in Iraq on Tuesday evening in apparent retaliation for the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, which was ordered by President Trump.

According to a statement from the Department of Defense, the attacks began at approximately 5:30 p.m. EST.

“Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq.  It is clear that these missiles were launched from Iran and targeted at least two Iraqi military bases hosting U.S. military and coalition personnel at Al-Asad and Erbil,” the statement said.

The Defense Department said it is “working on initial battle damage assessments.”

“As we evaluate the situation and our response, we will take all necessary measures to protect and defend U.S. personnel, partners and allies in the region,” the  statement said. “Due to the dynamic nature of the situation, we will continue to provide updates as they become available.”

From AlertUSA

Multiple reports of a rocket / missile attacks underway on US facilities in several locations across Iraq, incl Al-Assad airbase in Anbar. AlertsUSA monitoring.

Iran’s PressTV reports IRGC confirms hitting US Al-Assad airbase in Iraq with “tens of missiles.” These were missiles fired from Iran.

/// END UPDATE ///

/// UPDATE /// 20200107-0430Z

Alert (AA20-006A)

Potential for Iranian Cyber Response to U.S. Military Strike in Baghdad


Release of New CISA Insights on Increased Geopolitical Tensions and Threats

Iranian Threat Profile and Activity

Recent Iran-U.S. tensions have the potential for retaliatory aggression against the U.S. and its
global interests. Iran has exercised increasingly sophisticated capabilities to suppress social
and political perspectives deemed dangerous to its regime and to target regional and
international adversaries. Iran and its proxies and sympathizers have a history of leveraging
cyber and physical tactics to pursue national interests, both regionally and here in the United
States, such as:

  • Disruptive and destructive cyber operations against strategic
    targets, including finance, energy, and telecommunications organizations, and an increased
    interest in industrial control systems and operational technology.
  • Cyber-enabled espionage and intellectual property theft targeting
    a variety of industries and organizations to enable a better understanding of our strategic
    direction and policy-making.
  • Disinformation campaigns promoting pro-Iranian narratives while
    pushing anti-U.S. sentiments.
  • Improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which are a staple tactic of
    the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), its Quds Force (focused on external, global operations),
    and proxy entities such as Hizbollah.
  • Attacks against U.S. citizens and interests abroad and similar attacks
    in the Homeland.
  • Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) attacks against
    hardened and soft targets.

CISA strongly urges you to assess and strengthen your basic cyber and physical defenses to protect
against this potential threat.

/// END UPDATE ///

/// UPDATE/// 20200106-2045Z ///

US Northern Command announces increased force protection condition measures.

All military bases in the US now on heightened security alert.

Source: AlertsUSA SMS Alert


US bases on heightened security alert following Soleimani killing

Source: Military Times

/// END UPDATE ///

This is what we know:

1. Iranian General in Iraq was leading attack planning against US diplomats and American
forces in Iraq, and commanding the Iran-backed Hezbollah fighters there.

The US Department of Defense confirmed it had carried out the airstrike.

“General Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members
in Iraq and throughout the region,” it said. “General Soleimani and his Quds Force were responsible
for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more.”

2. Just this week, president Trump authorized a drone strike against the Iranian General, .

3.  Iran promises retaliation

4.  Iran has demonstrated cyber attack capabilities and can strike worldwide.  Targets likely include
telecommunications and commercial power grid infrastructure.


Additional Resources to increase your awareness of recent developments:





Scheduled Nets



10 Oct- End Ops (Regional – CA)
AmCON is being lowered to level 5.
No known imminent threats to our telecommunications infrastructure.

Resume normal training operations.

From: Romeo07
Date: 20191010-2147z
Precedence: ROUTINE
Incident Number: 20191009-1600z
Expiration: 20191011-1400z
Location: CM87vt; Oakland,CA
Incident Status: ONGOING
Size and Scope: REGIONAL
Overall Hazard: YELLOW
Current Weather: YELLOW
48 hr Weather: GREEN
Infrastructure: YELLOW
Political: GREEN
Civil: GREEN
Communications: YELLOW

The following is the latest update from PG&E summarizing event…

600,000 customer still are impacted…

There were no reported fires related to PG&E equipment in the PSPS impact zone.
As of 6 a.m. Thursday, peak wind gusts — a major factor in the decision to implement a PSPS — have been recorded at 77 mph at Mt. St. Helena West in Sonoma County and 75 mph at Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County since midnight. Both of these areas were de-energized in the PSPS action.
The company has received many preliminary reports of vegetation-related damage to its equipment in these areas.
A third phase for portions of Kern County is scheduled for late morning Thursday. Due to changing weather forecasts, PG&E now expects this event to impact approximately 4,000 customers. Earlier forecasts predicted impacts to 40,000 customers in this area.
Safety inspections, repairs and power restoration will begin in specific areas once a weather “all clear” is given.
Customers not impacted by the PSPS may experience power outages due to PG&E equipment damaged during this major event.
Resources standing by to support the restoration include more than 6,300 on-the-ground field personnel and 45 helicopters. Crews will conduct visual inspections and will make repairs as necessary if any damage is found.
The number of circuit-miles requiring inspection includes nearly 25,000 miles of distribution lines and 2,500 miles of transmission lines, a combined distance measuring longer than a trip around the circumference of the Earth.

PGE Twitter

CalFire current wildfires (none reported attributed to PG&E)


COMMUNICATION – some repeaters on power backup or destroyed from last years fire.
VHF/UHF Linked repeaters:

Bart operational with backup power for station lighting. No trains impacted
Highways: Normal

9 Oct
-Millions without power in northern CA
-Some officials reporting up to 7 days to restore power.

– PG&E said it cut power to more than 500,000 customers in Northern California and that it plans to gradually turn off electricity to nearly 800,000 customers to prevent its equipment from starting wildfires during hot, windy weather.
– A second group of about 234,000 customers will lose power starting at noon, the utility said.
– The utility plans to shut off power in parts of 34 northern, central and coastal California counties to reduce the chance of fierce winds knocking down or toppling trees into power lines during a siege of hot, dry, gusty weather.
AmRRON Instructions:
Operators OUTSIDE the affected area — Increase persistent presence coverage on HF bands (80m and 40m). Monitor band which provides best performance from your location to northern CA.
If you receive trfc from operators from within the affected area, relay to a backbone station (call sign followed by /b) or any other station who can relay trfc through the net up to National.
Or, if emergency trfc, use Z-net AmRRON channel (AmRRON Corps) or email and

Operators INSIDE the affected area: If you find yourself grid down (telecommunications/power), send STATREP or SITREP via 40m (7.110) or 80m (3.588) to AmRRON operators on the persistent presence nets.

Contestia 4/250 at 1000 on waterfall
JS8Call at minimum 1800 (to 2200) on waterfall
FSQcall 4.5 defaults at 1500 on wf


As of Wednesday morning 1000 hrs PACIFIC
ARES Net Reports

California ARES stations will continue to monitor 7.250 throughout the day as they
are able for any calls from the affected area.

N6xxx – Sebastopol, CA 95472
Reports Sonoma Co EOC has been activated and hams activated.
Currently calm but forecast 25-30 mph winds.

KG6xxx – ROSEVILLE, CA 95747
Relayed report received from Magalia (Chico area) loss of power.

KC0xxx – CHICO, CA 95973
Lost power at 0100 Pacific – Winds calm. On generator power.

Several were on emergency power and others commented that they are on
commercial power now but expect to have their power cut later in the day.

Urban areas like San Francisco proper are not having their power cut,
but the more hilly and rural areas with trees and brush are due to
higher fire risk.


8 Oct REGIONAL: AmCON-4 (Regional Event Possible) CA

Source: CA AmRRON Corps
High wind weather event in northern California , Wed/Thurs (9-10 Oct) may result in proactive, intentional power outages by PG&E as a wildfire preventative measure. Multiple counties may be affected.

Source: SFGate

PG&E is monitoring 30 of California’s 58 counties for a potential power shut-off due to a “severe wind event” forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.

The National Weather Service has issued a fire weather watch for the North and East bay hills, Santa Cruz Mountains, and the North Bay and East Bay valleys. The alert is for Tuesday night through Thursday. Because of dry conditions, very low humidity and gusting winds, there’s a high potential for fire danger.

PG&E announced Monday morning it is watching weather conditions in order to determine if power needs to be turned off in Alameda, Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, Colusa, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Glenn, Lake, Mariposa, Mendocino, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Sierra, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Tehama, Tuolumne, Yolo and Yuba counties.

Special Instructions for AmRRON:
1. Follow guidance for AmCON-4 at:

AmCON – AmRRON Communications Condition Level

2. AmRRON Operators, especially in Western Division, encouraged to increase and maintain persistent presence as available on Wed and Thrs, in ‘Quad Mode’ (fldigi Contestia 4/250, JS8Call, gARIM, and FSQcall 4.5).

3. Monitor for any potential Priority traffic or Routine SITREPS or STATREPS from operators in the affected area.

4. Operators in the affected area, if you lose commercial power/telecommunications, advise via STATREP or SITREP on the HF digital mode frequencies. Request your traffic be relayed to a Backbone operator to be relayed to AmRRON National.


Hurricane Dorian update from National Hurrican Center: Hurricane Dorian Tropical Cyclone Update NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL Fri Sep 06 2019 ...DORIAN STILL CAUSING LIFE-THREATENING STORM SURGE AND HURRICANE-FORCE WINDS...

Priority Message from Eastern SigCen Operations 20190906-2030Z:
During the past hour, an elevated Weatherflow station at Jannette Pier, North Carolina, recently reported sustained winds of 83 mph (133 km/h) and a wind gust of 98 mph (157 km/h). This is the last regularly scheduled Tropical Cyclone Update for Dorian. An intermediate advisory will be issued at 2 pm EDT, followed by the next complete advisory at 5 pm EDT.

AmRRON Ops & Eastern SigCen Operations will deactivate at 2200Z/1800EDT. The Operations was in Emergency Activation for an est. of 144 hours with help from within the CSRA Team/Piedmont Triad Team and many other AmRRON Operators came together as a team to assist at least 4 families with “Health/Welfare” updates. THANKS From US! The Eastern AmRRON Corps ZNET and standard AmRRON SOI Frequencies will be returned back to normal operations. THANKS for everyone’s help! GOD BLESS! -Foxtrot Quebec 01

>Hurricane Dorian Updates Posting
>Regional Event Communications Guidance PDF


3 Sept The AmCON has been raised to level 2.
AmCON-2 (Communications-disrupting event imminent)
Source: AmRRON Corps
As of 2 PM Eastern:
Hurricane 105 miles east of Fort Pierce, FL
Max Sudtained Winds: 110 mph
Present Movement: NW @ 5 mph
Minimum Central Pressure 959 mb

Source: AmRRON Corps
Primary Source:
Atkinson County, GA Power Outage:
Customers Tracked: 4,557
Customers Out: 1,133
Outage % 24.86

SOURCE: AmRRON Corps Operator Intercept
From N4CEM – Chatham County, GA EOC
To WG4AUX -GEMA Offsite (Forward Deployed Element)
Anticipating hurricane-force winds beginning at 1300EDT/1700Z 04SEP lasting through 1500EDT/1900Z 05 SEP.
Potential storm surge/flooding info is anticipated in an hour; will update at that time.
Eastern Regional SIGCEN Operational
Nets are being conducted per Regional Event S.O.I.

If you are in the impacted area, please report:
-STATREP (if your initial STATREP has changed)
- SITREP – If there is a developing hazardous situation (placing you or others, including emergency and rescue personnel, in increased danger)
- Relayed STATREPs or SITREPs from others in your community.
Make every effort to confirm accuracy when relaying reports involving details you have not personally witnessed.

2 Sept 
Most coastal highway/freeway eastbound lanes have been reversed east of I-95 to facilitate evacuations. For up-to-date travel information and road conditions:
511 Live Travel and Road Condx:
South Carolina – Live Traffic Map¢er=33.78122264203296,-80.78956351531245
SC Emergency Management
Georgia Emergency Management
1 Sept We are asking all AmRRON (and non-AmRRON) radio operators IN THE IMPACT STATES (FL, GA, SC, and NC) to submit an initial STATREP within the next 24 hours, using the transceiver and antenna system you will be employing following Hurricane Dorian. This will aid us in building a map of known operators who were on the air prior to the storm, and will aid us in noting the time of day, frequency, mode, and path quality to best listen for (and reach) you, after the storm has passed. If you DO NOT have HF capabilities, do you have a licensed HF operator down the street or in your neighborhood? If so, he may be your lifeline out to the rest of the network and the world. Do you know what to look for? Antennas! Attached to this posting are three examples of typical HF antennas to help you identify who is an avid ham operator in your community, and who may be able to assist you in sending reports and/or calling for help in an emergency. Keep your printed Regional Event AmRRON S.O.I. handy and ready to show your local HF ham operator. This will help him know what frequencies and modes to turn to reach the rest of the network. We also have direct access to the Cajun Navy flood rescue volunteer service dispatchers. We’re on the air for you, and will remain so as the situation calls for it.
1 Sept Pre-event Nets are being conducted per the Regional Event S.O.I. Version 1.1 Eastern SIGCEN maintaining Persistent Presence to receive reports or emergency traffic between scheduled nets.Net Control Stations conducting controlled nets per the S.O.I. IMPORTANT***JS8Call change: To avoid interference with other nearby modes, do not beacon (heartbeat) below 1850 on the waterfall. If you are heartbeating below 1850, please adjust your settings. Remove automatic beaconing/heartbeating/sounding during scheduled net times. If you have traffic (whether emergency or routine traffic and reports) during nets, pass your traffic to NCS or a station who can relay your traffic to NCS. If you have emergency or routine traffic in between scheduled nets, contact the Eastern SIGCEN directly. If you are outside the impacted area, please help reduce congestion and keep the frequency clear. Do not check in to a net or send a STATREP if you are not in the impacted area of the storm. 73, JJS
1 Sept 
Hurricane Dorian Now Category 5 | AmCON remains at level 3
The AmRRON Eastern SIGCEN is now activated, w/persistent monitoring of the AmRRON net frequencies, per the Regional Event S.O.I.. Additionally, scheduled nets, controlled by Net Control Stations, will be conducted per the S.O.I. beginning today (01 Sep 2019) at 2100z, on 7.242 MHz LSB (Lower Sideband), followed by the digital net on 7.110 MHz USB. The Eastern SIGCEN is also tracking the storm, identifying hazards, and noting emergency preparedness efforts such as evacuation routes, emergency relief shelters, etc. These are pre-event nets to begin establishing contact with stations in the anticipated impact areas along the coastal states of FL, GA, SC, and NC. Stations in the impacted areas are asked to keep your abbreviated STATREP up to date and keep your station on the air as long as you are safely able to do so, and as is practical, given the situation at your location. Besides stations checking in to Net Control during the nets, the Eastern Regional SIGCEN will be querying your stations on the HF bands using JS8Call. This will help establish a network of known stations before the storm’s arrival, and will aid in post-storm welfare queries to determine who may have been affected, and what areas have been most affected by the storm. Digital nets will begin with Contestia 4/250. Most Intelligence Briefs and other reports will be transmitted to stations in the affected area during and after the storm using MFSK-32, using AmRRON custom flmsg forms, in plain text.
31 Aug The AmCON has been raised to level 3 for operators in FL, GA, MS, SC, NC, TN, and AL. Increased probability of a power and communications-disrupting event- Hurricane Dorian.
28  Aug - The AmCON has been raised to level 4.
AmCON-4 notification for AmRRON operators in FL, GA, MS, SC, NC, TN, and AL.

Hurricane Dorian Projected to reach Category-3, a very powerful storm with an increased possibility of disruptions to power and communications infrastructures.
For more information, go to:

Source: Duke Energy; Meteorological Analysis
“There is an elevated threat for Dorian to make landfall on, or interact with east-central Florida on Sunday as a potentially strengthening hurricane, but confidence remains lower than average. This presents a significant outage risk to the Florida Service Area, and cannot rule out possible impacts to the Carolinas early to the middle of next week.
“If a blocking ridge holds into early next week over the Mid-Atlantic, that also presents a heavy rainfall and flooding risk for north Florida and the Southeast into early next week. We will closely monitor this storm and send out future updates as necessary.”

INSTRUCTIONS: Operators in the affected area, test power supplies and fuel, charge batteries, and test communications gear and software. Recommend making on-air contacts over the next 72 hours and determine paths and signal strengths between you and other operators.

Operators outside the impacted area, be prepared to provide regional support to those inside the impact areas. Follow same instructions as above.

Until further notice, use Persistent Net protocols:
ZULU Band/Freq.
20:00 – 22:00 20M 14.110
22:00 – 02:00 40M 7.110
02:00 – 16:00 80M 3.588
16:00 – 20:00 40M 7.110
Also, the Hurricane Watch Net has been activated (as of the past 2 hours).
On the following frequencies:
20m Voice: 14.325.00 MHz USB
40m Voice: 7.268.00 MHz LSB
For more information, go to:

///End Message///

National Hurricane Center

25 July - The AmCON is now returned to the lowest threat level, AmCON-5. There are no known imminent threats to our communications infrastructure.
15 July - The AmCON is now returned to the lowest threat level, AmCON-5. There are no known imminent threats to our communications infrastructure. Thank you all who maintained a persistent presence on the air during Tropical Storm/Hurricane Barry.

National Hurricane Center


As power outages mounted across Louisiana Saturday, Barry weakened once again to a tropical storm after making landfall, following a brief stint as a Category 1 hurricane.

Barry became the first hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season and the fourth hurricane to ever to make landfall on the Louisiana coast in the month of July.
Source: Accuweather
AmRRON National:
Now extensive flooding and power/communications systems are expected to deteriorate across the affected areas.
AmRRON Operators are at AmCON-2(plus), maintaining a persistent presence on the AmRRON SOI Digital Frequencies.
Operators are monitoring and beaconing to provide a lifeline for those in the storm’s path.
Expect to continue on-air presence and monitoring for the next 24 to 48 hours.
Digital modes:
Contestia 4/250 @1000 on the waterfall
FSQ 4.5 @ 1500 on wf
JS8Call @ 1750 to 2250 on wf

Also, Louisiana ARES is operational (LSB voice mode) on the following frequencies:

AmCON-2 Hurricane Imminent (REGIONAL)
-Ops check communications equipment
-Expect to go to a modified SOI

-Operators in the affected area, if you need assistance operators will be
standing by monitoring the AmRRON S.O.I. digital frequencies.

What "modified AmCON-1" means:
Uncontrolled net (no NCS). Operators in and around the affected area
maintain a persistent on-air presence on the following:
Tri-mode: Contestia 4/250; JS8Call; FSQ4.5

AmRRON Corps coordinate via Z-Net.


Louisiana ARES Net Listing
Hurricane Watchnet 
HWN Activated 7/12 @ 1900hrs Eastern:
14.325 usb
7.268 lsb

Weather Underground

Watch Live: Radar tracks Tropical Storm Barry as it heads towards Gulf Coast

12 July
Mike's Weather Page 
Hurricane and Storm-Surge Warnings Issued
Tropical Storm Barry threatens a long, slow drenching
10 July

Due to the state of emergency declared by the Governor of Louisiana and
our close monitoring of the developing storm system, the AmCON has been
raised to Level-4.

State of emergency declared for Louisiana in advance of storm system
expected to become hurricane Barry. Up to 15" of rain and damaging
storm-surge expected.
Source: AlertsUSA

BATON ROUGE – Gov. John Bel Edwards held a press conference Wednesday
morning discussing the severe weather heading toward Louisiana.

Edwards said people can expect 10 to 15 inches of rain in a 24-hours
span. At this point in time, no evacuations have been issued. Officials
say if necessary, shelters will be opened.

Continue to monitor, and inventory emergency preparedness gear and
ensure you have fuel reserves, cash on hand, the ability to process
clean drinking water for up to at least 10 days.

Ops check your communications gear and participate in this week’s
scheduled AmRRON Nets.

For more information on how the AmCON level is determined CLICK HERE

NO CURRENT THREAT to conventional communications or our telecommunications services and infrastructure. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AMCON LEVELS.


10/13 AmCON level lowered to AMCON 5

*09 OCT 2018 UPDATE: *

In response to the predicted landfall of Hurricane Michael on the Florida panhandle we are raising the AmCON Level to level 2 (Incident Imminent). Landfall is expected as early as Wednesday night or early Thursday morning as a Category 4 hurricane, directly impacting the panhandle of Florida and most of Georgia. See the links below for detailed instructions and updates.


Hurricane Michael Updates

Hurricane Resource Links

AmRRON Corps Operators, check your email for further instructions.

9/17 UPDATE: After assessing the situation related to Hurricane (now tropical depression) Florence, we are returning to AmCON-5 at the nationwide organizational level. AmRRON support operations will continue on a regional level as needed, with coordination taking place on the Z-Net ‘AmRRON Eastern Division’ channel. We will continue to conduct 80 meter nets on both voice and digital according to the SOI time schedule for the next 24 hours, and persistent beaconing nets at 7.110 and 3.588. There are still several communities which are isolated by floodwaters and which are without cellular service. If you are in the affected area you are encouraged to monitor the appropriate frequencies, including the CH3 channels on FRS, MURS, and CB, as you may be the only lifeline for someone calling for help. We are continuing to work with ‘Foxtrot Company’, the Forward Observer’s intelligence network as we have several AmRRON Corps operators who are acting as intelligence analysts and liaisons with FO. Thank you guys for your STELLAR (and thorough) work. Patriots truly networked! Also, hats off to you all who aided in liaison ops with the Cajun Navy. God bless those guys for being in the thick of it and risking their lives. AmRRON operators have helped pass critical and timely information, provide support, and contributed to the rescue and recovery of stranded citizens during this incident. The AmRRON Corps operators who have participated in this recent AmRRON activation are to be commended! Their perseverance and tireless efforts have proven their character as selfless heroes who rose to the occasion in time of need to aid and assist their fellow countrymen. There will be more to follow and I don’t want to begin listing code names for fear of forgetting someone. It is a privilege and an honor to be serving alongside the men and women in AmRRON Corps who rose to the occasion and embraced the challenge. Below is a STATREP that was relayed over the Z-Net as I was typing this. I thought it worth sharing. Thank you all who responded to the call over the past week. God bless, and 73, -JJS Charger-62 STATREP 1503Z Relay for KM4xxx Grid FM14AI DTG 20180917 1200Z Hurricane Florence Update: Water levels are high but stabilized despite continued rain Jet traffic was observed using ILM Airport. Type unknown Numerous helicopters operating in area FEMA reported to be using mall as staging area. Utilities have set up base at CFCC campus Cajun Navy has been working the area. KM4xxx reports having fuel, food, and water. His phone service has gotten better since yesterday and now has data service but he is using generator power. Normal power and water has not been reported to his area. There were reports of looting last night and reports of suspicious vehicles in the area. Transportation is limited due to continued flooding, threat of flashflood, and numerous trees and debris in the roadways. Charger-62



SITUATION: As of Friday, 14 September at 0300hrs Zulu, the AmCON is being raised to Level-1 (Active Incident – Regional) due to the landfall of Hurricane Florence. CONDITIONS: Power outages and extensive damage along the coast are being reported. Flooding and wind damage is expected to cause widespread sustained power outages. Power Outages Begin: Storm Impact Coverage: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: The Signals Operating Instructions (SOI) are being implemented. Nets are being operated by two SIGCENS in NC (Peidmont Triad) and the GA/SC central border, as well as multiple NCSs across the country. If you would like to assist as a Net Control Station, please contact us at and type ‘Net Control Volunteer’ in the Subject line. 20 meter nets will only run twice a day at 1400hrs Zulu and 2000hrs Zulu, in both voice and digital (Contestia 4/250) modes. Refer to the AmRRON Activation PDF for further guidance. SPECIAL NOTE: Please remember to make a special effort to call out on the CH3 (FRS, MURS, CB) at the appointed times to get information out to your community and to listen for parties in distress. Also, if you are running a Black Echo station, let us know where you are and what frequency you are transmitting on, by emailing us at and type ‘Black Echo’ in the Subject line. Be safe! -JJS ================================================================== 9/13 As of Thursday, 13 Sept. at 1700hrs Zulu we are increasing the AmCON to level 2 (Incident Imminent). Hurricane-force high sustained winds and extremely heavy rainfall are forecast and damage is imminent. Major disruptions to conventional power and telecommunications grids as well as transportation are expected in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, especially along the coastal areas. As of this update, persistent (continuous) nets are being conducted on the 40m and 80m digital frequencies using beaconing modes FSQ Call and FT-8 Call. Additionally, nets are being conducted according to the AmRRON SOI. Please refer to the AmRRON Activation PDF for more details. Expect a change to AmCON-1 (Active Incident) within the next 6 to 8 hours. Additional HURRICANE UPDATES

*Weather Channel* *Carolina Storm Watch* *National Hurricane Center* —————————————————————– *OTHER HF NETS* Hurricane Watch Net – ‘WHEN ACTIVATED’ –> 14.325 (USB) by day and 7.268 by night Maritime Mobile Service Net – 14.300 USB       ========================================== 9/10 In response to the increased danger from an expected impact of Hurricane Florence this week, we are raising the AmCON to Level-3 (Incident Probable). At this time all AmRRON operators are to prepare for radio communications in anticipation of power and telecommunications failures in South Carolina, North Carolina, and the surrounding states. Refer to the Executive Summaries that have been issued by the GA/SC SIGCEN and Piedmont Triad (North Carolina) AmRRON Networks. LINK —>> Executive Summaries (and updates) At this time Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 (very strong) hurricane at sometime in the early morning hours (Eastern time) of Thursday, 13 September. Be prepared to be on the air by Wednesday. Ensure all digital communications software is up to date and tested, and review the AmRRON SOI. Anticipate persistent nets to be established (continuous coverage), covering all the bands simultaneously. We will likely need lots of help. VISIT AmRRON.COM AND BOOKMARK THIS AMCON PAGE AND REFRESH IT PERIODICALLY FOR CHANGES AND UPDATES. EXPECT CHANGES AND BE FLEXIBLE. *HURRICANE NEWS* *Weather Channel* *Carolina Storm Watch* *National Hurricane Center* —————————————————————– *OTHER HF NETS* Hurricane Watch Net – ‘WHEN ACTIVATED’ –> 14.325 (USB) by day and 7.268 by night Maritime Mobile Service Net – 14.300 USB *14 JUNE 2018 UPDATE*

Due to the apparent success of the U.S./North Korea talks this week, the
political and nuclear threat situation appears to have deescalated
significantly.  We are lowering the AmCON to Level 5, the lowest
level.   We will continue to be watchful.  Thank you for your vigilance
and always being ready to respond with emergency communications!

*15 APRIL 2018 UPDATE: *

//All Stations// 
Reduced readiness level to AmCON-4

Due to the limited scope of military action in Syria, and Russia's appeal to the United Nations in what appears to be a 'diplomatic' and propaganda response to the air strikes, it is our estimation that the situation has deescalated.  It is also our assessment that as a result, there is a significantly reduced probability of a major or catastrophic disruption to conventional communications. 

There does still exist a significant build-up of military assets in the region around Syria and tensions remain high.  The situation is still tense and volatile.  We urge AmRRON members (and others) to keep backupand non-essential electronics equipment stored in faraday when not in use.  Continue to train, improve your stations and your skillsets, and participate in the regularly-scheduled practice nets. 

Check the website for any further updates or guidance.  We hope to have a solution to the mobile AmRRON app soon. 

Stay safe and alert. 

*13 APRIL 2018 UPDATE: *

//All Stations// Due to increased tensions and the maneuvering of military assets by multiple nations in and around Syria, we are raising the AmCON to Level 3.  This increase in AmCON is to increase awareness of an increased probability of an event which could disrupt conventional communications.  We will continue to monitor the situation. At this time, no immediate action is called for beyond the general guidance outlined for AmCON 3.  More guidance will be forthcoming and will be posted on  We will continue to evaluate and assess. The Staff, AmRRON

Action In Syria Coming Amid Expectations Of Air Strikes
Haifa orders townspeople to prepare for emergency
Russia says the US is about to strike Syria — and that it will strike back
Russia, Syria: Israeli Jets Strike Air Base After Alleged Poison Gas Attack In Douma
Russia TV Instructs Viewers How to Prepare Bomb Shelters For Nuclear War (Video)
Nuclear ‘Doomsday Plane’ Goes Airborne As War Fears Grow

***Information Alert***
– Russian UN Ambassador warns “cannot exclude” possibility of direct conflict with US over Syria.
-UK Cabinet gives PM May approval for action.
– Russia moves Backfires (SU-22 Bombers) into Iran

*05 MAR 2018 UPDATE: *

//All Stations// The AmCON level has been lowered to level 4. This is in response to a reduced probability of an immediate threat from North Korea. We will continue to monitor the situation. Be sure to announce the current AmCON level during the scheduled AmRRON nets.  All stations begin preparing for T-REX 2018. by testing comms equipment and participating in the practice nets.

*09 DEC 2017 UPDATE: *

We will maintain at LEAST AmCON-3 until the situation involving North Korea stabilizes significantly. Continue training.  Stay alert.  Stay prepared! 
North Korea readying for another nuclear test? Satellite images show hectic activity at Punggye-ri.  Radio Pyongyang broadcast secret coded messages hinting at a possible impending weapons test.

*08 AUG 2017 UPDATE: *

Trump warns North Korea threats 'will be met with fire and fury'
* North Korea has successfully created a miniaturized nuclear weapon that can fit in its missiles, according to NBC News and The Washington Post.

*12 APRIL 2017 UPDATE: *

High potential for EMP-capable satellite(s)* Former CIA director James Woolsey & Dr. Peter Vincent Prypublished an Op-Ed 


1. Disconnect antennas from radios when not in use

2. Other unused or spare radios, laptops, thumb drives, etc. placed in faraday protection

3. Participate in T-Rex 2018 on July 20th - 22nd, as well as any upcoming practice nets to ensure your equipment, software and skills are ware are maintained and up to date.

Continue training.  Stay alert.  Stay prepared.