AmRRON Communications Network Condition Level is:




AmCON-5  20230509

The AmRRON Intelligence Brief incorrectly states ‘Level-3’.  Please make a note of it and inform others that we are at Level-5

Although we continue to closely monitor the deteriorating geopolitical situation between Russian and Ukraine, and China and Taiwan, we are lowering the AmCON to level five, as we do not see a specific imminent threat to conventional communications as a result.

If this situation escalates, or if we observe other developments that increases the risk to the power or communications infrastructures, we will adjust accordingly.

Continue to maintain your stations and train/practice regularly.


AmCON-4 20221002

AmRRON is now at AmCON-4.  Great job to all who covered the bands during Hurricane Ian!  And a SUPERB job to the operators at the Eastern SIGCEN.  There were four pieces of Health and Welfare traffic passed, and all four parties were found safe and well.

As of Saturday, October 1st, there were still reports of isolated communities which had received no outside contact, so we appreciate those of you in the east and southeast who are able to continue to monitor the Persistent Presence Net.  Don’t forget, Puerto Rico is still knocked out from the hurricane a week prior to Ian.

AmCON-2 20220926

In preparation and response to Hurricane Ian, we are at AmCON-2 (Event imminent).

Visit the Hurricane Ian page for the latest updates, operations, and guidance.  We will keep that page updated periodically.



========================= Archived AmCON Level descriptions below =======================

AmCON-4 20220719-1630Z

Due to continual monitoring of the geo-political situation, we have lowered the AmRRON Communications Readiness Condition to Level 4.  There are no known imminent threats to the conventional communications networks at this time.

However, we continue to monitor multiple probable threats to our power grids and telecommunications infrastructure:

  1.  Extreme heat and persistent drought conditions in the United States has placed great strain on the power grid.  Several analysts have warned of blackouts and catastrophic failures due to high demand and inadequate maintenance and modernization of the grid.
  2. There still exists a degree of threat from Russian-linked hackers which possess the capabilities, and have indicated intent, to target critical infrastructure with cyber-based attacks.
  3. Russia and China each have been emboldened by the current US regime’s foreign policy, which has resulted in increased military (and other) related rhetoric.
  4. Iran has increased it’s nuclear centrifuge program for higher enrichment of nuclear materials, and is suspected of having everything they need to assemble a nuclear missile(s).   Israel has vowed not to allow Iran to become nuclear capable and has been training jointly with the United States in preparation for military action against Iran.

Any of the above threats, or a combination of some or all, could result in a very rapid escalation with little to no warning, which could result in a regional, national, or continental grid down attack affecting commercial power and all telecommunications (satellite, oceanic fiber-optic capables, cellular systems, internet, etc.).

Remain vigilant and continue to train and practice, and participate in all scheduled training.  Continue to make improvements in your station’s equipment and improving your skills.



AmCON-3 20220313-2145Z

After assessing the current war in Ukraine, we are lowering the AmCON from Level 2 (imminent/expected) to Level-3 (high probability/high risk).  We have continuously monitored the situation for indications of cyber attacks against critical infrastructure in western nations.  Based on our observations, the threat of disruptions appears to be contained to Russia, Ukraine, and surrounding nations.

We will continue to evaluate the situation and will adjust the AmCON levels up or down based on known threat indicators.

We are still at an elevated risk.  Continue to maintain readiness, and including maintaining/repairing equipment, as well as training and participating in scheduled practice nets.


AmCON-2  Russia/NATO Cyber Attacks — Critical Infrastructure disruption expected or extremely likely in western nations

AmCON-2 at 20220224-1920Z

Confirmed:  Multiple government websites in #Russia including the Kremlin and the Sate Duma have fallen offline; the incident comes amid a spate of cyberattacks targeting neighboring Ukraine (Twitter

NetBlocks (@netblocks) February 24, 2022


Most significantly:

President Biden has been presented with cyberattack options that are designed to disrupt Russia’s ability to sustain its military operations in Ukraine (NBC):

  • Disrupting internet connectivity;
  • Shutting off electric power;
  • Tampering with railroad switches

— Global: MilitaryInfo (@Global_Mil_Info) February 24, 2022


AmRRON Special Instructions:  No Change

  • Fuel and batteries should be topped off and alt power and communications operations checks complete
  • All Stations:  Have abbreviated STATREP formatted and ready to transmit, or practice transmitting/sharing over Persistent Presence Net
  • Conduct local/regional communications networks tests
  • NCS (and higher) Stations:  In addition to STATREP, have IES (Initial Event Summary) preformatted and ready to transmit in a sudden grid/comms-down disruption of conventional communications in your region or nationally.
  • NCSs, arrange to coordinate with adjacent NCSs and BB stations to receive (and send) traffic in support of AmRRON operations if AmCON-1 becomes necessary.


AmCON-3 Update 2-23-2022 @23:30 Zulu

Internet and TV turned off in Donetsk

More psyops

Ukraine’s 53rd brigade “has also received this” –

The text reads, “Ukrainian military servicemen! The Russian army is already in Donetsk and Luhansk. Return home while it isn’t late!”

The publication “Strana” tells what restrictions await Ukraine, starting from this night:

—  Restriction of freedom of movement, special entry-exit regime, car inspection;
—  Ban on mass events and strikes;
—  Curfew;
—  Checking documents, searches of citizens and housing;
—  Prohibition for conscripts and persons liable for military service to change registration without the permission of the military registration and enlistment office. Also a ban on their travel abroad;
—  Prohibition on the dissemination of information that can “destabilize the situation”;
—  Special regulation of communications and the Internet. Mobile phones may be banned;
—  Temporary or irrevocable evacuation of the population can be carried out – with the provision of alternative housing.


Nordstream 2 gas pipe from Russia to Germany is now on hold and the company that built it is now being sanctioned by the US administration.
It’s going to be a very cold winter!
– Amir Tsarfati


AmCON-3 Update 1-19-22 @ 03:45 Zulu

We are monitoring the Ukraine/Russia/NATO situation, and are continuing to hold at AmCON-3.  If the AmCON level changes we will immediately notify AmRRON Corps via the Z-Net, as well as send out a notification via the AmRRON Mobile Team App and update this page.

AmCON-3  Russia/NATO Update 1-18-22 20:00hrs Zulu

from Amir T.

Russia vs Ukraine

“In recent hours, there have been reports from the United States indicating that Russia is in the final stages of military preparation for an invasion into Ukraine.”

[JJS note]
Be prepared to go to AmCON 2 this afternoon/evening. More information to follow. Top off batteries, fuel, and ops check your gear.

Participate in upcoming nets.
Finalize comms plans with family/friends/local nets.
Stow any non essential electronics and hard drives in faraday.

AmCON-3 as of 20211212-0230hrs Zulu

As of the date of this posting (11 Dec 2021 @ 18:30 Pacific) AmRRON is raising the communications readiness level to AmCON-3.  Numerous intelligence analyses indicate a high probability that Russia will conduct open combat operations against Ukraine.  Analysts are generally in agreement that war could break out within the next 30 days, and possibly much sooner.

GPS disruptions and jamming are already being reported in the region (see below).  It is expected that widespread cyber attacks will take place against NATO countries to disrupt command & control operations, which would likely emphasize internet and telecommunications, as well as potential power grid attacks.

As an emergency communications network for disasters and civil defense, we urge all of our operators to prepare to support information sharing in order to support each other and our communities.  AmRRON members are urged to take the following actions:

  • Update software and conduct ops checks of your equipment
  • Store any unused electronics in faraday protection unless performing checks and maintenance or training
  • Inspect and ops-check alternate power sources and charge batteries
  • Participate in scheduled practice nets
  • Update your phone tree and local/community communications plan
  • Make contact with your local communications network and conduct a communications test net
  • Make a follow-up contact with local community leadership to discuss how you might support them in a communications blackout situation (this should consist of leaders — pastors, patriot elected officials, and other influential community leaders — which you have previously built a working relationship with)
  • Review the Signals Operating Instructions and familiarize yourself with filling out STATREPs (full and abbreviated), SITREPs, SPOTREPs, etc.
  • Continue to follow for additional guidance, information, etc.

Read this full posting, with background and intelligence resources at:

AmCON-3: Russia (and China) Preparing for War



For more information on how the AmCON level is determined CLICK HERE