Welcome to AmRRON West

AmRRON West is the entire western portion of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

There are several regional and local nets for you to participate in click here.

The CSRG net, pronounced Sea Surge (Cascasdia Subduction Response Group) was created in early 2017 to respond to the “Big One” earthquake which scientist claim can happen any time now. Click here for the CSRG page and to sign up for emails about the nets. However, the CSRG net has also been activated for large fires and political uprisings. Since its inception CSRG members have trained hard and have learned a lot. To that end we have established the following schedule.

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 PM Pacific time on 3.588 USB using FLDIGI we have our regular practice nets. Experience in FLDIGI, FLMSG, FLAMP, FSQ, WinLink and all the modes and speeds is important. These are directed nets which means that users must always allow the NCS to respond after each of your transmissions. This allows for efficient use of every-ones time. When using FLAMP do not give a report unless asked to do so.



The 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 PM pacific time on 3.588 USB has been reserved for private tutoring with a small group of students.  This is intended for teaching you the ground floor basics of digital radio, check your settings and to prepare you for the normal practice nets.  We have found this to be a valuable tool to help others. You will need to have Zello, a walkie talkie type app installed on your smartphone or computer to be part of the class. The Zello channel is titled “Amrron Digi Class” and the password is fldigi.

Note: if you need help with other more complicated issues like installing on Linux please refer to the Corps Forum.

Please check this page a couple days in advance of the normal nets as you will find instructions on what to expect for the upcoming net. Each net will be different with mini TREX type exercises built in for us to complete.  Real world problems with strategic analysis to create a workable solution is our goal.


Next scheduled training

All stations please have a STATREP (status report) prepared for every net using FLMSG.  Click here for instructions on how to fill out a STATREP.

Also please begin to familiarize yourself with FT8CALL a new program that looks promising.

Due to Storm Florence, the next AmRRON West/CSRG is canceled.