Welcome to AmRRON West. Please use the Western Division Znet to facilitate testing and during our nets.

AmRRON West is the entire western portion of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

There are several regional and local nets for you to participate in click here.

The CSRG net, pronounced Sea Surge (Cascasdia Subduction Response Group) was created in early 2017 to respond to the “Big One” earthquake which scientist claim can happen any time now. Click here for the CSRG page and to sign up for emails about the nets. However, the CSRG net has also been activated for large fires and political uprisings. Since its inception CSRG members have trained hard and have learned a lot. To that end we have established the following schedule.

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 PM Pacific time on 3.588 USB using FLDIGI we have our regular practice nets. Experience in FLDIGI, FLMSG, FLAMP, FSQ, WinLink and all the modes and speeds is important. These are directed nets which means that users must always allow the NCS to respond after each of your transmissions. This allows for efficient use of every-ones time. When using FLAMP do not give a report unless asked to do so.

Please check this page a couple days in advance of the normal nets as you will find instructions on what to expect for the upcoming net. Each net will be different with emphasis on being proficient in several digital modes.


Persistent Training Net – 11/03 thru 11/10 “RMS EXPRESS”

I would like to work on RMS Express for the dates above. However, since it doesn’t have beaconing capabilities per say we will instead use 3 hour windows between 0600-0900 and 1800-2100 Pacific Time. This way we hopefully make a contact. Feel free to leave a quick test email with me. I will respond when I can.  I will leave my station up 24/7 for the week in case you cant make the time window.  Please remember to use 3.583.5 USB for the center frequency. Furthermore in the RMS express sound card window there is a receive frame.  At the end of someone transmitting you will see their call sign. Make a connection with them and practice authentication. Most of all, have fun!


Next scheduled training November 6th 2018

Due to the recent earthquake activity in Canada we will be revisiting the use of STATREP forms. Everyone please have one ready for the 6th of November.

All stations please always have a STATREP (status report) prepared for every net using FLMSG.  Click here for instructions on how to fill out a STATREP.

Also please begin to familiarize yourself with JS8CALL a new program that looks promising.

Tuesday the 16th was a great net. Lots of check-ins and a brave soul was NCS for the 1st time!

Please begin to familiarize yourself with FSQCALL.  FLDIGI has this mode inside its program but there is also a stand alone program at https://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu/MFSK/FSQweb.htm

The 1st one is the New Zealand version which I use in conjunction with FSQPLOT which is down the page a little. Be sure to download the correct one for the version of FSQCALL you are using. Others are running the US version and they all communicate fine together. I personally believe the stand alone programs versus FLDIGI is easier to use. But that’s my opinion.

We will possibly be using FSQCALL for a net soon, so brush up on that program.