• NET WORD OF THE WEEK: The “Net Word of the Week”, originates from the 20m National Voice Net, then broadcasts over the Regional Nets and is finally shared during the local nets. Using a single source demonstrates the effectiveness of the nets, identifies any gaps in the network, and helps us practice passing information.
  • NET CHECK-IN FORM: Let us know you are out there! Use the NET CHECK-IN FORM and let us know how you heard the net! Examples: Monitoring using a Shortwave radio with SSB, Monitoring via websdr, Net Control Station was unable to copy you.
  • NET CHATROOM: There is a Chat room available during the nets for AmRRON members. The chat room password is the same as your AmRRON member password. Be sure to use your AmRRON Code Name (not FCC call signs) as your user name. CLICK HERE TO ENTER CHATROOM.


 **2019 Printable National/Regional Net Schedule**



Click the image above to view the Scheduled Nets Calendar. Once you are on the calendar page, use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate (Today’s Nets! , National, Regional, Sub-Regional, Training, Local, Custom Schedule). Thank you, [code name] Corn Bread for this new Dynamic Net Calendar!


6/18/18 update: We’ve moved to 80m for  Thurs rolling practice nets:–>MORE INFO HERE


The nets listed below are the same as the ones in the NEW net schedule calendar just displayed in table format.

Regional & National Net Schedule:

The 20m Voice Net calls check-ins by district.