A 'Net' is a regularly-scheduled communications network and is a great way to practice,
 become proficient with your equipment and make contact with like-minded patriots in your area.

Checking in:
If you can’t check in on the radio, or you are listening on a shortwave radio, you can check in electronically using the Net Check In Form.

  • NET WORD OF THE WEEK: The “Net Word of the Week”, originates from the 20m National Voice Net, then broadcasts over the Regional Nets and is finally shared during the local nets. Using a single source demonstrates the effectiveness of the nets, identifies any gaps in the network, and helps us practice passing information.
  • NET CHECK-IN FORM: Let us know you are out there! Use the NET CHECK-IN FORM and let us know how you heard the net! Examples: Monitoring using a Shortwave radio with SSB, Monitoring via websdr, Net Control Station was unable to copy you.

NET CHATROOM: There is a Chatroom available during the nets for AmRRON members. 
The chatroom password is the same as the standard AmRRON member password (used for member directory). 
User your AmRRON Code Name (not FCC call signs) as your user name. CLICK HERE TO ENTER CHATROOM.

Intelligence Brief (Every Monday) –> AIB White Paper

Regional / National Scheduled Nets –> we are developing the PDF schedule for 2023


20 Meter Nets-1st & 3rd TUESDAY of each month

VOICE: 1900Z 14.338 USB

DIGITAL: 2000Z 14.110 USB (Contestia 4/250) at 900 on the waterfall

Note: The 20m Voice check-ins are called for by district (see map below).
If you are able to copy NCS, wait for your district to be called prior to checking in.



Rolling Regional Digital Nets on the 1st & 3rd TUESDAY of each month:

DIGITAL: 20:00hrs (8pm) LOCAL TIME, (Contestia 4/250) at 900 on the waterfall

Daylight Savings Time (summer):  40m  7.110 USB

Standard Time (winter):  80m  3.588 USB



Rolling Regional Voice Nets on the 1st and 3rd THURSDAY of the month (following the Tuesday National/Regional Digital Nets)

VOICE: 20:00hrs (8pm) LOCAL TIME

Daylight Savings Time (summer):  40m  7.238 LSB

Standard Time (winter):  80m  3.818 LSB

You are not restricted to your own time zone for checking in to a net. If you have better propagation with an adjacent region’s Net Control Station, feel free to check in to that net. Just let them know which region/state you are located.


AmRRON Sub-Regional nets

There are training nets on HF (High Frequency bands) which take place all the time, and are specific to various regions across the country.  These are separate from the National/Regional Net Schedule.

The schedule for these HF sub-regional nets can be found at  the Sub-Regional AmRRON Net Schedule Page  

MTZ/PTZ Digital Training/Cascadia Rising Response Group (CSRG) Digital Net

This is a new specialized net being tested for response to the forecasted “big one” earthquake for the NW region, and for digital training which will be the backbone for traffic in an emergency.

Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday at 20:00 (8pm) Pacific time on 3.588mhz usb, Contestia 4/250 will be the main mode, other traffic modes will be used as needed.

NCS location will alternate between the MTZ and PTZ as ncs operators become available.