A 'Net' is a regularly-scheduled communications network and is a great way to practice,
 become proficient with your equipment and make contact with like-minded patriots in your area.

Chatroom  Details:
AmRRON Members have access to a live Chatroom during the Schedule Nets.
Once you create a Chatzy account, use your AmRRON member password to access the AmRRON chatroom.

Checking in:
If you can’t check in on the radio, or you are listening on a shortwave radio, you can check in electronically using the Net Check In Form.

Zulu Time:
National and Regional nets are scheduled using Zulu Time. Click HERE for current Zulu Time

Printable Schedule:
National Scheduled Nets 2017 v2

National CW Net- 2nd SATURDAY

2000 hrs local (central, 0200 UTC) 7.110 mhz +-

AmRRON Regional Digital practice nets

The AmRRON regional training nets exist for the purpose of training Amateur radio operators in
support of the AmRRON mission statement, to improve operator skills in the use of the Fldigi software
suite, the WinLink software and to enhance skill sets in the performance of Net Control duties and
improve operator skills in message handling and relay.

Full net info effective 4-1-17, and updated 4-25-17 is here–  Digital Training Net SOI


MTZ/PTZ Digital Training/Cascadia Rising Response Group (CSRG) Digital Net

This is a new specialized net being tested for response to the forecasted “big one” earthquake for the NW region, and for digital training which will be the backbone for traffic in an emergency.

Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 1930 Pacific time on 3.588mhz usb, Contestia 4/250 will be the main mode, other traffic modes will be used as needed.

NCS location will alternate between the MTZ and PTZ as ncs operators become available.



20 Meter Nets-1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY

VOICE: 2000Z 14.342 USB

DIGITAL: 2030Z 14.110 USB (Contestia 4/250)

Note: The 20m Voice check-ins are called for  by district (see map below).
If you are able to copy NCS, wait for your district to be called prior to checking in.




40m 1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY EVENING Will remain on 40m YEAR ROUND.

VOICE: 0130Zulu 7.242 LSB

DIGITAL: 0230Zulu 7.110 USB (Contestia 4/250)

NOTE: Wed evening (IN THE UNITED STATES). So, technically, very early morning of Thurs., Greenwich, England.

*The Wednesday evening nets will have one national Net Control Operator, as we used to have. This will require stations to act as relays and step up to assume ‘Assistant Net Control’ duties to help facilitate getting the NWOTW distributed, and relaying information throughout the nets. The primary purpose of the Wednesday evening net will be to focus on getting information distributed to the network, with less focus on ‘check ins’. The information to be passed may be in the form of NWOTW, as well as SITREPs, SPOTREPs, messages, and other traffic.

The Wednesday nets will be a less formal, but very important, practice net which might simulate a real-world disaster situation where more formal Net Control Stations have not yet been coordinated or present.

80m Rolling Regional Nets- 1st & 3rd THURSDAY

(following day after the 20m National Net)

Thurs evening (IN THE UNITED STATES). So, technically, very early morning of Fri., Greenwich, England.

NOTE:  Frequencies are +/- depending on QRM. Be prepared to moved up and down the dial until you find the Net.

VOICE: 3.818 LSB

DIGITAL: 3.588 USB (Contestia 4/250)


For the Rolling nets, this will become the year-round net time schedule, maintaining the same Zulu Time, 
regardless of Daylight Savings time changes.
40 meter nets will continue to be held during summer-months (01 Apr-31 Oct)
80 meter nets will continue to be held during winter-months (01 Nov-31 Mar)

Zulu Time / Region:

Eastern Voice: 0000Z

Eastern Digital: 0030Z


Central Voice: 0030Z

Central Digital: 0100Z


Mountain Voice: 0100Z

Mountain Digital: 0130Z


Pacific Voice: 0130Z

Pacific Digital: 0200Z


You are not restricted to your own time zone for checking in to a net.  If you have better propagation with an adjacent region’s Net Control Station, feel free to check in to that net.  Just let them know which region/state you are located.