-Welcome to the Net Control Station Resource Page-
Net Control Stations (NCS) are a crucial part of the AmRRON network.


Net Control Station Application Process:

The first step to becoming an NCS is to read and understand the minimum expectations, duties, and responsibilities of
an AmRRON Net Control Station operator.

The next step to becoming an AmRRON NCS is completing the online NCS application form. The application will
provide us more information regarding your communications capabilities and any NCS experience you may have.
Note: previous experience is not required. The application form also lists the roles and responsibilities as
a future NCS.

1)  Roles and Responsibilities are listed under the application form

2)  By submitting an NCS application, you are stating that you have read and understand the roles and
responsibilities (listed above) of an AmRRON NCS.  Complete the online NCS application form –> NCS Application form
3) You will be sent an acknowledgment via email letting you know it is being processed.
4) Once approved, you will receive an email that you have been added to the NCS team with further instructions.

After your NCS application is processed, you can request a new net.
Visit the Join or Start a Net Page for more information.


————–Net Control Tools & Instructions————

Net Scripts for Net Control Stations:

Net scripts are provided as a tool to create consistency though out the AmRRON nets. Use the applicable
net script(s) below.

Note: There are some nets that are jointly held with other patriot/preparedness radio networks. For example, there are AmRRON/Prepper Nets that are conducted. The script can be modified to encouraging participation from two or more groups however, AmRRON must be mentioned in the preamble and during the net (if listed in the AmRRON net calendar).

AmRRON 2m 70cm CH3 NCS Script-Simplex Script
AmRRON 2m 70cm NCS Script-Repeater Script
AmRRON Informal CH3 Nets NCS Script
AMRRON CH3 Project Simple Relay Script
AmRRON 40m/80m NCS Voice Script
>>AmRRON HF Digital Practice Net Macro Files  2022 V2 

>>The HF Digital Practice Net Macro Files (2022 V2) contain macro buttons for NCS and ANCS roles, as well as a net check-in button.  Be sure to unzip the folder after downloading and read the ReadMe 1st PDF included in the download.

Net Word of the Week:

During your net, announce the NWOTW and the Authentication Number. This information originates from the biweekly HF 20m National Net, then broadcasts over the Regional/National Net and finally shared during the local nets. Using a single source demonstrates the effectiveness of the nets, identifies any gaps in the network, and helps us practice passing information. As a Net Control Station, you are responsible for obtaining the NWOTW and Authentication Number using non-conventional communications (other than internet or phone). Practice using methods that would be reliable during an internet and/or phone service outage.

If you do not have HF or Shortwave capabilities, or were unable to copy the NWOTW, access the member directory and look for a Ham Operator in your county that does. Then, submit a Contact Request and ask if that member can relay the NWOTW via local communications. Establishing local relay stations will help strengthen the network. If you do not have a NWOTW and Authentication Number, still conduct your net without that information.

Note: If you run weekly nets, use the most recent NWOTW and Authentication Number from the previous National Nets. This will ensure that everyone has the most recent NWOTW and Authentication Number.

Chat Room During Nets:

There is a Chat room available during the nets for AmRRON members. The chat room password is the same as your AmRRON member password. Use your AmRRON Code Name (not FCC call signs) as your user name in the chat room for PERSEC reasons. Keep in mind there could be members from multiple nets in the Chatroom.

Net Check-In Log Sheet:

To maintain PERSEC and OPSEC, we do not use any forms of electronic logging during the nets. Use the printable log sheet below or use it as a guide for documenting your check-ins during the nets. Note: the FCC call signs logged during the nets is personal information, should NOT be shared electronically and needs to be kept secure.

Net Check-in Log Sheet (PDF)

Net Control Report Forms:

Within 24 hours of the closing of your net, submit a net control report using the online form(s) below (even if you only have yourself as a check-in). This information is used to create monthly net reports to show the effectiveness and growth of the nets.

UHF/VHF/CH3 Net Control Report Form
HF Net Control Report Form


 Net NCS Scheduling Tool:

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Updating a Scheduled Net:

As NCS, you will be responsible for submitting any updates to your net. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to week, day, time, frequency, mode, etc.

Scheduled Nets Update Form

Additional Resources:

      • As NCS, you should familiarize yourself with the Communications S.O.I. In the event of a real world event where conventional communications fail, we will be using the predetermined scheduled net times outlined in the SOI. The purpose of the practice nets is to prepare for such an event.
      • It is not a requirement as NCS, however joining AmRRON Corps gives you direct contact with other Corps members and access to the forum including a Net Control Station section.


Contact Information:

If you have additional questions, contact us at ncs@amrron.com. Including your AmRRON Code Name.