Welcome to the AmRRON Corps Membership pagethisone

$45 per year  or  $365 Lifetime Membership

AmRRON Corps is for AmRRON members stepping up and taking an ‘active’ role within AmRRON. AmRRON Corps will help increase your communications skill set and create a stronger network.
See the outline below showing some benefits of becoming and AmRRON Corps Member:

  • Dedicated Radio Operators who conduct nets and share intelligence, information, and technical support. Corps Operators maintain contact with each other and conduct training beyond the scope of normal AmRRON activities, with emphasis on unconventional communications operations.
  • Membership includes access to the
    • AmRRON Corps website
    • AmRRON Corps Forum (A deep well of knowledge and resources, and a great coordination tool for training exercises and more)
    • Access to the electronic version of the AmRRON Corps Signals Operating Instructions.
    • ‘Z-Net’  (Zello walkie talkie app with multiple channels for various purposes.  This is the official AmRRON Corps coordination tool, and is treated as one would a nationwide VHF repeater, except AmRRON call signs are used.  All other radio etiquette and radio procedures are expected to be followed).
    • Subscription to the AmRRON Beacon electronic newsletter
  • ALL OF THE DETAILS will be included in your ‘Welcome to AmRRON Corps’ email letter.

Beginner radio operators are welcome! If you are willing to learn, AmRRON Corps is an amazing team of helpful, selfless, patriot communicators who will meet you halfway.  Be prepared to learn and grow in your capabilities!

$45 per year  or  $365 Lifetime Membership


Don’t forget to include one of the following in the comments/notes section:

  • Your current AmRRON Call Sign, or;
  • Your Corps Renewal Code, or;
  • the email address associated with your AmRRON membership application

1) Membership payment Information:

CashApp to:  $AmRRON

Paypal to johnjacob@amrron.com


Or Mail Membership payment to:

PO Box 264
Addy, WA  99101

Cash, blank money order or checks, payable to AmRRON.
Please complete the AmRRON Corps Membership Form and mail along with your payment or submit the from online and indicate “mailing payment”.
NOTE: Please ensure cash is sent sandwiched between card stock or something for increased security, folded between two sheets of aluminum foil, to obscure the bill(s) when back-lit.

2) AmRRON Corps Membership Form

     Click HERE to complete the AmRRON Corps Membership Form

3) Membership welcome letter Email:

Once we verify payment and process your membership, you will be sent an AmRRON Corps Membership Welcome via email. Thank you for stepping up as an AmRRON Corps member and supporting AmRRON.  BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK folder and filters.   When new members contact us stating they’ve joined xx weeks ago and haven’t heard anything from us, it is nearly always a case of the Welcome-to-Corps email getting caught in the member’s email junk filter (this seems most common with gmail accounts for some reason, but not always).