AIB Training Project:

AIBs, Veri-Codes, and the Partisan Operator Journals


The AIB (AmRRON Intelligence Brief) is a weekly short summary of real-world intelligence
which may be relevant to patriots, preppers, and emergency communications radio operators.
Sources vary, but most commonly are from the the Forward Observer’s subscriber service
covering intelligence alerts and summaries. AIBs include actual news, intelligence,
and analysis related to socio/political or economic indicators of current or
future instability or potential conflict.
AIBs also may also cover news or developments related to ongoing or potential disruptions
to conventional communications.

To learn more, read the AIB White Paper by clicking the link below:
Weekly AIB White paper 

Beginning January 22nd, 2020, we will include part of a password in the bottom of the weekly
AmRRON Intelligence Brief. This is part of the ‘Veri-Code’ project. When combined with the
second part of the Veri-Code, available ONLY during scheduled nets, it provides the password
to unlock an encrypted block of text posted to the Partisan Radio Page each week, which will
reveal a weekly Partisan Operator Journal. (see below)

The AIB may ONLY be passed over the radio or in person by courier, and the AIB Veri-Code may
only be passed AFTER transmission of the entire AIB.
A request for only the Veri-Code to be transmitted cannot be honored unless it is to fill
missed information after the AIB has been sent.

AIB Veri-Code’ Weekly Exercises – Layered Training with Rewards

The second part of the Veri-Code may ONLY be obtained during scheduled nets and may only be
distributed by NCS, ANCS, or a station acting as a relay for NCS/ANCS.

The Supplemental Veri-Code may only be sent over radio and may be transmitted via
any mode, including voice.

To learn more, read/download/print the AIB Veri-Code PDF 


Partisan Operator Journals

Each week a Partisan Operator Journal entry, consisting of approximately 2000 words, will be
posted to the Partisan Operator Journal page. It will be encrypted and can only be decrypted
and read after entering the numeric AIB Veri-Code and the Supplemental alpha Veri-Code into
the password field, as shown in the Veri-Code PDF (linked in paragraph above).

Below is the link to the Partisan Operator Journal page. Bookmark it so you can go straight
to it each week.
Partisan Operator Journal

To learn more, read/download/print the AIB Veri-Code PDF