Beginning June 1st, 2023, we will offer two memberships

  • AmRRON Standard – $12/yr

  • AmRRON Corps – $45/yr  ($365 Life)

Join other Patriots, Preppers and Redoubters like you!

You can remain as anonymous as you’d like

AmRRON is a patriot-oriented continental (and beyond) radio operators network for disasters and civil defense emergencies when conventional communications fail.

Please take the time to read the AmRRON Mission Statement and Guiding Principles:


What Joining the American Redoubt Radio Operators Network Means to Most of Our Members:

  • Standing up and being counted as a God-fearing, Liberty-loving patriot
  • Standing by our traditional Judeo-Christian, American Heritage, and preserving Americanism
  • The desire to be in a network of like-minded people for mutual aid and support, staying informed, and sharing information
  • The desire to contribute to a post-collapse rebuilding effort to restore Americanism
  • They believe that Americanism is worth protecting and defending regardless of whether or not a collapse happens

AmRRON (Standard) Membership

      • Includes access to the digital downloadable PDF of the AmRRON Signals Operating Instructions (SOI)
      • Access to the Member Directory and Contact form for introducing yourself to others in your area
      • Subscription to the AmRRON Beacon electronic Newsletter
      • Those who are currently Standard AmRRON (FREE) members are active up until their join anniversary date.  We will send reminders to those who’s dates are approaching.
      • Upgrade in 30 days –  If a Standard AmRRON member wishes to upgrade to AmRRON Corps within 30 days, we will credit the $12 fee toward the AmRRON Corps membership fee.


    • AmRRON Corps Membership

      • AmRRON CORPS (*$45/yr or $365 Life Membership)
        Dedicated Radio Operators who conduct nets and share intelligence, information, and technical support. Corps Operators maintain contact with each other and conduct training beyond the scope of normal AmRRON activities, with emphasis on unconventional communications operations.
      • Membership includes access to the
        • AmRRON Corps website
        • AmRRON Corps Forum (A deep well of knowledge and resources, and a great coordination tool for training exercises and more)
        • Access to the electronic version of the AmRRON Corps Signals Operating Instructions.
        • ‘Z-Net’  (Zello walkie talkie app with multiple channels for various purposes.  This is the official AmRRON Corps coordination tool, and is treated as one would a nationwide VHF repeater, except AmRRON call signs are used.  All other radio etiquette and radio procedures are expected to be followed).
        • Subscription to the AmRRON Beacon electronic newsletter
      • ALL OF THE DETAILS will be included in your ‘Welcome to AmRRON Corps’ email letter.
    • *Charter Members:  Your annual membership is locked in for as long as you keep your active membership.  That was the deal.

Beginner radio operators are welcome! If you are willing to learn, AmRRON Corps is an amazing team of helpful, selfless, patriot communicators who will

meet you halfway.  Be prepared to learn and grow in your capabilities!


If you’ve already submitted a membership form and have question/comment or would like to follow up on a membership request , please use this link–>> CLICK HERE
Note: PRIOR TO EMAILING, please check your SPAM /JUNK folder for your welcome letter.


When you apply or renew and pay your dues, BE SURE to email us letting us know:

  • Your AmRRON Call Sign (If currently a member)
  • The email you used to join AmRRON
  • Method of payment (Paypal, Cashapp, mail-in, etc.)

Send the information listed above to the following email –>  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL



Don’t forget to include one of the following in the comments/notes section:

  • Your current AmRRON Call Sign, or;
  • Your Corps Renewal Code, or;
  • the email address associated with your AmRRON membership application

Cash App dues and donations to:  $AmRRON

Paypal payments can be sent to:

Mail Drop Address:
PO Box 264
Addy, WA  99101

*Checks payable to ‘AmRRON’.
*Please ensure cash is sent sandwiched between card stock, or for increased security, folded between two sheets of aluminum foil, to obscure the bill(s) when back-lit.