Join other Patriots, Preppers and Redoubters like you! It’s Safe! It’s Anonymous!


Joining the American Redoubt/AmRRON Network Means:

  • Standing up and being counted as a God-fearing, Liberty-loving patriot
  • You stand by our traditional Judeo-Christian, American Heritage, and preserving Americanism
  • You wish to be in a network of like-minded people for mutual aid and support
  • You want to contribute to a post-collapse rebuilding effort to restore Americanism
  • You feel that Americanism is worth fighting for regardless of whether or not a collapse happens


We offer free membership options since we do not want finances to keep anyone from becoming part of this crucial network.  As we have grown, so have the costs.  To help offset these costs,  we are asking for a min donation of $5.00 per membership. Once you complete your donation, continue to the appropriate  membership application below. Thank you for supporting the mission of AmRRON.

Free Membership Options ($5 suggested donation)

      • Redoubter (FREE MEMBERSHIP)
         Not dedicated as a communicator, but still added to the member directory so  AmRRON Radio Operators in your area know you’re out there to help keep you informed.  You will have access to the member directory and the ability to network with other members via the contact request form.



        Communication volunteers, including Ham Radio Operators (licensed) and Non-Ham Relays (non-licensed), working together to pass information using Ham radio and non-licensed communications.  You will have access to the member directory and the ability to network with other members via the contact request form.  You will also have access to the Chatzy chatroom during the nets.


    • AmRRON Corps Paid Membership


        (Paid membership– $40yr)–  Dedicated Radio Operators who conduct nets and share intelligence, information,and technical support. Corps Operators maintain contact with each other and conduct training beyond the scope of normal AmRRON activities, with emphasis on unconventional communications operations.   Membership includes access to the AmRRON Corps website, AmRRON Corps Forum,  Digital copy of the S.O.I. and a 15% discount code for the American Redoubt Gear Store. Beginner radio operators are welcome! If you are willing to learn, AmRRON Corps is an amazing team of communicators!



If you’ve already submitted a membership form and have question/comment or would like to follow up on a membership request , please use this link–>> CLICK HERE
Note: PRIOR TO EMAILING, please check your SPAM /JUNK folder for your welcome letter.

If you prefer to make a donation via Mail Drop Address:
RBN PO Box 757 Rathdrum, ID 83858

*Checks payable to RBN.
*Please ensure cash is sent sandwiched between card stock, or for increased security, folded between two sheets of aluminum foil, to obscure the bill(s) when back-lit.