Listen to Partisan Radio, Volume 11 for an introduction to One Time Pads.

Then, study the resources linked from this posting to decode the encrypted message below.

This week’s training message:

28106 59657 49684 81840 11426 07980 41233 07235 97989 89491 76194 13027
15348 58243 88022

One Time Pads Training Resources:

One Time Pads (The Complete Guide, by DIRK RIJMENANTS  (Updated February 2022)

One Time Pad – A Simplified Exercise by JJS

‘TREE Series’ One Time Pads (for training purposes only)

ADL-1 One Time Pad Printer


Additional Materials to learn more about One Time Pad Encryption:

EXCELLENT information from Dirk Rijmenants (the guy is amazing).

Numbers 9.0 Cipher Pad Generator –>

More about cipher pads on this site