Simulated real-world training exercise


09/09/22 (WIWT News) – Multiple cities across the country on Friday experienced temporary disruptions to the control systems at their water treatment facilities.  Private and government cyber security experts and officials scrambled to identify the sources, and worked feverishly to patch vulnerabilities as fast as new exploits are manifested.

Some disruptions lasted only minutes, while technicians at other locations were only able to bring their systems back on line early Friday morning, after as many as ten hours of down time in some cases.  Frustrations were running high Thursday afternoon and evening, and after a massive collaborative effort, officials still aren’t sure if the remedies are only temporary.

Colorado Springs spokesman, John Denver, of Rocky Mountain High Joint Regional Water Resources stated, “We found one problem, fixed it, and then another problem would pop up.  It’s the computer controlled systems.  Our techs reached out to other municipalities for help, only to find they were battling the same things at their locations.  This has turned out to be nationwide, as we’re learning.”

So far, as many as 40 million citizens nationwide may have been directly affected.




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