Stay informed on your mobile device or PC! After beta testing and a pre-release to AmRRON Corps, the AmRRON Alerts Team App is ready for general release.

Stay Informed:

  • Pre-Exercise Information, such as T-REX 2019
  • Emergency Communications News
  • AmRRON-related announcements
  • Latest AmCON level
  • See the Training Net Schedule
  • Communications Resources
  • Follow AmRRON developments
  • Information related to developing disasters, training exercises, guidance, alerts, etc.

NOTE: There are ads that are built in to the TeamApp platform if you use the free version.  You

can remove the ads by upgrading to the paid version.  That is not our doing.  It’s the TeamApp

developers.  They are not AmRRON’s ads but we have found that they are not overly intrusive

and can be exited or minimized when they do pop up.




Get the app for your moble device or your PC:
The simplest way is to click the AmRRON Alerts Team App logo in the sidebar of the website






For mobile devices, go to your mobile device ‘store’ and download the Team App.

Get if for your PC!  Go to –>>  Easy to set up:

  1.  Set up your account (we recommend using your AmRRON Code Name).
  2. Search for ‘AmRRON’ team and send request to join (may take up to a day).

WHEN SIGNING UP FOR THE APP, you do not need to put all of your personal information in

the fields, and it is recommended that you do not.


NOTE:  The new AmRRON Alerts mobile app will be used heavily in the lead-up to this year’s

Nationwide scenario-based, grid-down training exercise, T-REX 2019