I was told nets are the first and third week of the month.  Isn’t this the first week?

It’s just easier to say ‘nets are on the first and third week of the month.’  But for our newer members, this might seem a bit confusing during months such as April, 2021, when the 1st lands on a Thursday.

The National Net Schedule begins on the 1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY of each month, and starts on the 20 meter band with a 30-minute voice net, followed by the 1-hour digital net.   This is the net which the Net Word Of The Week (NWOTW) is issued, and which is passed along throughout the AmRRON nets for the following week.  The digital net is when traffic (such as the AmRRON Intelligence Brief) is passed along.

That evening (Wednesday), the same information is sent to the net on the 40m band, beginning with a 30-minute voice net, and followed by a 1-hour digital net.

The following day (normally the first and third Thursday) are the rolling regional nets on 80 meters, beginning with a 30-minute voice net and then a 1-hour digital net.

To know exactly which dates to tune in to national nets, download our handy 2021 schedule in PDF and print it out.

Visit our Net Schedule page to learn more about all the National, Regional, and Local nets taking place each week!

See you on the air!   73!