The Vericode Project is a weekly based ‘scavenger hunt’, of sorts, where participants hunt down the Vericode and the Supplemental Vericode from the AmRRON nets. When combined, they make the password to unlock a weekly entry of the fictional Partisan Operator Journals.


Update from JJS sent 04/27/2020 via AmRRON Team app:
1. This week only, there will be: NO VERICODE / NO SUPPLEMENTAL VERICODE /NO PARTISAN OPERATOR JOURNAL.  There are five weeks this month, and so this is an ‘off week’, which falls outside of the normal 1st/3rd, and 2nd/4th week schedules. As a result, there would be very few scheduled net opportunities to pass along the Supplemental Vericode.

2. AmRRON NAT SITREP-008 was distributed this weekend, and focuses primarily on coming food shortages. You should be able to receive it from the Persistent Presence Net by calling “CQ CQ…” and asking other stations to send it to you. Be patient.

3. The Weekly AIB-20200428 is poised to be distributed tomorrow 4/28, first on 20m and then on 40m, according to the normal AIB schedule.