Sad news… T-Rex (annual Teotwawki Readiness Exercise) 2020 has been cancelled.

Good news!   Training is ongoing and will be intensifying, to include specific AmRRON Corps Training Exercises

The year 2020 has been an intense year so far, and is expected to get more interesting, especially as we approach the November 2020 elections.  This year AmRRON Operators have engaged in more real-world radio communications training than any other.  Many have their tongues hanging out after doing such an amazing job submitting STATREPs and SITREPs throughout both the Chinese Virus and the Marxist Insurrection ordeals.  The general consensus has been… “…we wouldn’t mind a break.”

Also, it is now hurricane season and it is expected to be a highly active one at that.  So, enjoy a short reprieve and take the time to be with family and friends, but keep your stations operational and ready to serve at a moment’s notice!

At this time we are re-evaluating the role and mission of AmRRON as we enter into a continued state if socio/political instability, and what that means for us.

We continue to train and prepare for emergency communications during disasters, but we are assessing how to proceed as the current and coming environment shifts us toward ‘Civil Defense’ communications, assessing the potential and probable impact on the communications specialists of AmRRON, and the organizations in which AmRRON operators server.

Please be sure to participate in as many practice nets as possible, and continue to hone your skills and increase your communications capabilities.

Be watching for additional postings providing guidance, tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as additional training opportunities.

Stay safe, and 73!