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T-REX 2017 grid down exercise, on August 11th -13th

The following news stories are fabricated to add realism to the T-REX training exercise scenario.  All news, intelligence, messages, or reports associated with the T-REX 2017 exercise will be preceded with ‘EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE’ and will normally follow with ‘This is only a training exercise’.

The Current T-REX AmCON level is:

Thank you to all the operators that been working hard behind the scene to prepare for T-REX 2017! T-REX 2017 underway! Get your stations ready for grid down………… and hold on tight! We are going offline and off grid noon PST! Be safe and we hope to hear you on the air! AmRRON operators will be conducting emergency training exercise nets using the Communications S.O.I.!

Note: We have operators monitoring real world news.  IF a real world national emergency or major disaster occurs during the exercise, all stations on the air should notify as many others as possible (since some operators will be completely grid down and cut off). We will immediately go grid up and demobilize to our home stations to further assess the situation and decide on appropriate courses of action for AmRRON, if any. 73! See you on the other side! Of T-TEX 2017!

8/11 Message for dissemination to all AmRRON members and SigCens.  START MESSAGE:  AM radio station in Memphis, TN reports that there has been a massive earthquake on the Cascadia Subduction zone effecting the Pacific Northwest.  There is limited information from the region but AM stations in Eastern Washington and Idaho have reported a complete loss of power and communications in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and parts of California. they are operating on emergency power at this time. END MESSAGE

EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE! START MESSAGE: 8/10 API newsline: This evening at 8pm FEMA / DHS officials and the Governors of Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas held a joint television / radio press conference.  In it, officials announced that USGS has informed them that there is a high probability of a major seismic event along the New Madrid fault line. Officials displayed several seismic evaluations including core samples from various regions around the New Madrid fault zone that showed high water content / lubricity and instability throughout the subduction zone.  They stated that an exact time-line can't be issued but confidence is high that a moderate to severe earthquake could take place within the next 30 days.  The Governors of the three states stated that they are coming together to plan and implement an emergency evacuation of the vital metropolitan areas of Memphis, the city most threatened by the New Madrid seismic zone. END MESSAGE. EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE!

Good general earthquake preparedness information…. before, during, and after.

08/10 //EXERCISE/// RAISED to AmCON Level 2 !
 Major seismic event imminent within 30 days.  USGS and
UofO have reassessed their data and warn of event any time.  Likely
within 30 days.  AmRRON to establish SIGCENs where operators available
within 24 hours.  All who have previously volunteered to mobilize
contact your SIGCEN director and prepare for mobilization w/in 24 hrs. -JJS


///EXERCISE/// (Aug 9th, 2200Z) Due to recent swarms of small earthquakes along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, seismologists at the USGS and University of Oregon are warning of significant increase of risk of a major seismic event in the next one to six months. Be ready to go on the air at any given time. PNW operators who are able, prepare for deployment forward central WA and OR. Stand by for further instructions. -JJS

Is FEMA preparing for an earthquake on the New Madrid?
Aug 7, 2017 GPN news:

///// Exercise, Exercise, Exercise ///// 

In response to the multiple tremblors rattling the New Madrid fault zone, the US Army Corp of Engineers, USGS, FEMA and DHS have dramatically increased their presence in the region.  FEMA has been asking residents to consider relocating out of the region temporarily until the situation has been thoroughly evaluated.  Residents of Jonesboro, Arkansas and Dyersburg, Tennessee have reported large convoys of unmarked tractor-trailer rigs staging in vacant lots throughout both cities and being guarded by elements of both the Arkansas and Tennesse National Guard.  The Tennessee Army National guard has also been seen staging in areas outside of Memphis, TN.  Both the Tennessee and Arkansas governors have declined comment but are urging residents to remain calm and stayed tuned to local radio and television stations. A FEMA official has stated, "There is no definitive reason to believe that this may be a lead up to a much larger event but we are carefully evaluating the situation and making sure that residents are informed of potential problems. FEMA stands ready to assist the region should any futher damage occur."
Earthquake Shakes Central Oklahoma, One Of 7 In 28 Hours
Aug 4, 2017
An earthquake of preliminary magnitude 4.2 hit central Oklahoma on Wednesday night, the U.S. Geological Survey said, the sixth earthquake to affect the area in just over 24 hours. Four hours later, a less intense earthquake of a preliminary magnitude 3.5 struck the area in the early hours of Thursday.
Tremblors on the New Madrid Quake stirs concerns
Aug 4, 2017 GPN news:

///// Exercise, Exercise, Exercise ///// 
A series of 4.0 to 4.5 earthquakes in the Black Oak, Arkansas area has residents rattled for a number of reasons.  If the earthquakes are not enough to shake residents nerves, several large sink holes have opened up along with numerous "sand geysers" east of the town.  Most troubling to scientists are several large whirlpools that have appeared in the Mississippi river.  These large whirlpools are draining large amounts of water out of the river.  Scientists estimate that each of these whirlpools is siphoning nearly 35,000 gallons of water per hour from the river. Currently, they have no idea where the water is going but there is speculation that the water is going into an unknown aquifer and contributing to the "sand geysers" throughout the region. It is unknown if this increased water load into the aquifer may pose bigger seismic dangers to the New Madrid fault zone.  The USGS is on site and evaluating the situation.

>>Earthquake Safety Checklist<<

Are You Prepared for the “Big One”?
AmRRON News Network, Aug 2, 2017 

///// Exercise, Exercise, Exercise /////
With the recent swarm of earthquakes and rumblings under Mt. Saint Helens, officials from multiple local, state and federal public safety and emergency response agencies are using it as an opportunity to remind the public to be prepared. In the event of a major earthquake or other natural disaster, help could be days or even possibly weeks away in rural areas.

During that time, folks must have the means to survive on their own with no outside assistance. Its possible basic public services such as electricity and water may not be available. Food distribution may also be disrupted, causing local grocery store shelves to quickly become bare. In a crisis such as this, everyone should be prepared in advance with the commonly advised 4 essential survival items… water, food, shelter and fire. If services are disrupted or your home becomes uninhabitable, the things you prepared in advanced to meet one of these essentials will keep you alive.

Often overlooked items in disaster preparedness are alternative sanitation in case sewer lines back up, medical including first aid and adequate supply of critical prescribed drugs, and communication in terms of short wave radio to stay informed as well as two-way radios for mutual aid with fellow neighbors.
Safety of Historic Buildings Called Into Question
T-Rex News Network, July 31, 2017

///// Exercise, Exercise, Exercise /////
Where the mighty Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, the city of Astoria, Oregon stands watch as it has for well over a century. This important seaport still serves an important function for several industries, most notably fishing and timber. In recent years, it has built a new industry… tourism. Astoria draws these tourists, by the tens of thousands each year, for its scenic beauty and charming historic downtown, filled with boutique shops and restaurants occupying century old brick and stone buildings.

Now, the recent swarm of earthquake activity in the Pacific Northwest has some civic leaders concerned most of these buildings pose a significant safety risk to the public, as they are not built to withstand a severe earthquake nor have never faced one. City Councilman Barry Rubble is one of those concerned. “Astoria is living on borrowed time”, Rubble stated. “In towns all up and down the coast, there are thousands of unreinforced masonry commercial buildings built at the turn of the previous century. Many of these face complete collapse in a major earthquake. It’s time we take this threat seriously and retrofit these buildings, especially in light of all these recent tremors.”

Business leaders and other Councilmen in Astoria generally agree with Rubble’s concern, but most have called for postponing any action until after the lucrative summer tourist season.
Greece Declares “Bank Holiday”
World News Network, July 29, 2017

Following on the heels of another failed round of austerity measures implemented in May, Greece’s government announced this morning all banks will be closed on Monday until further notice in order to conduct “an orderly restructuring of its €226.36 billion in debt”.

All 153 deputies in Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' left-led coalition backed the bank closure decree. Most opposition lawmakers present in the 300-member parliament stood against the measures in a vote just before midnight.

"The people of Greece have suffered enough," Tsipras said after the vote. "I urge all citizens to have patience while we work out the details of this restructuring. But don’t worry, your savings are safe and will soon be available once again."
Increase in Earthquake Activity at Mount St. Helens Concern Scientists
Earthquake News Group, July 28, 2017

37 years after the catastrophic eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980, scientists are concerned the shattered volcano is “recharging” for another eruption. Scientists at the US Geological Society (USGS) are monitoring this week’s marked increase in earthquake activity under the volcano and now with reports as far north as Mount Baker.

Geologist Rich Soil from the USGS explained that most of the earthquake activity consists of minor tremors too weak for people to notice. However, he noted, several ongoing earthquakes large enough to rattle windows and nerves as far north as Everett are keeping the phone ringing from concerned citizens.

Soil explained that these clusters of earthquakes are not anything to worry about. Nevertheless, he did admit the increased volume of earthquakes in the past few days is very unusual. “We are monitoring the situation”, Soil stated.

Make sure you have a copy of the Communications S.O.I. for T-REX 2017!