St. Louis Area Repeaters



Open List of EchoLink and IRLP Nodes for possible comms. Into St. Louis, MO

Note: This list may change as stations connect or disconnect so do a search using the EchoLink program “Find”. For IRLP Nodes, look up nodes using summary page on the IRLP website.


EchoLink Nodes

K0AMC-R AMARC St. Louis MO                     Node: 215303

K0TEK-R RACES Independence, MO             Node: 506603

KB0WLF-R Salem, MO                                      Node: 571193

KD0CNC-R Warsaw, MO                                  Node: 544291

WB0WBR-R Licking MO                                   Node: 557527

WB0QXW-R                                                         Node: 466277

W9AIU-R                                                              Node: 541608


IRLP Nodes

Central Region Reflector Intertie System MO               Node: 9330

St. Louis, MO                                                                        Node: 3453

St. Louis, MO                                                                        Node: 3934