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TAPRN Net Date: 05 Oct 2014

TOPIC: Any Extra Preps for Ebola

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Sources Mentioned During the Net (but I forgot to mention during the report):

C&H DistributorsTyVek Large coveralls #2838203 – last checked 10/5/14 were $5.40 each.

Food Preps:

Keystone Meats – pure meats, 5 year shelf life – beef, chicken, pork, hash – 24 can cases ($105 for 14 1/2oz cans and $115 for 28oz cans)

Survival Cave Foods at – 12-15 year shelf life

Ebola Information:

Presentation from one of our check-ins – Thank you T.L.

General Information:

Remote areas will not be as affected as major cities

Areas where there is close proximity, like a prison, an apartment complex, or military barracks, will potentially be more affected.

Keep in mind people-friendly animals like horses, cows, and dogs may also be susceptible to Ebola, so keep them at arm’s distance.

Have an exit strategy for your family – discuss ahead of time when it will no longer be safe to go to work or to very public places.

Have a home treatment plan in place to care for the sick, like a designated sick room.

Regarding cleaning surfaces around your home, don’t forget bleach loses half its effectiveness after one year, so maybe put a purchase date on it.

One check-in mentioned there is a heavy duty bleach that is 8.5%, as opposed to the typical 5%.

Remember a perceived pandemic can be just as damaging to a community as a real pandemic, so be prepared.

If you are buying Ebola Protection Supplies, using this Ebola Protection Amazon Link will help support AmRRON. Thank you