Article originally posted at Charles Carroll Society

Today I was in contact, via amateur (ham) radio with partisans who are standing a watch in death-spiral, deep blue authoritarian progressive utopia California and protesting the releasing of illegal immigrant people into the streets of their city of Murrieta.

The contact reported the following. They are learning to use their amateur (ham) radios to coordinate their response. They were looking for help from the local Patriot community on setting up scanners, and running software on laptops so they could track what frequencies the Internal Secret Police, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were using to coordinate with the domestic standing army local federally funded militarized police forces. In the event yesterday they had a good response and were able to get approximately 50 partisans at various locations around the city to meet the DHS buses which are dumping these “unaccompanied minor immigrants who broke our immigration laws” in their town.

They were prepared to get hammered by Internal Security Forces DHS and their local militarized police forces as they had been warned if they showed up here to peacefully protest the immoral dumping of these children in their communities and the financial impact on their local resources such as schools, Fed.Gov would violently attack the protesting American Citizens. This was a scary day for the partisans at Murrieta. However after they got more than a 100 people to show up in various locations the buses were once again rerouted, apparently to San Ysidro.  The riot police have not been unleashed as of yet. They are kitted up at various locations waiting for orders to attack the American patriots. The partisans are looking for as much help to monitor their communications to prepare as best they can to receive this federal attack. This is excellent and brave work.

Geography. San Ysidro (Saint Ysidro) is a “district” south of San Diego right across the border from Mexico. You can walk from San Ysidro, California, USA to Tijuana in the Mexican state of Baja California North. Murrieta, California is approximately two hours  north of San Diego, CA next too southern California’s wine country a town called Temecula, California on the “natural path of movement” along the I-15.

These partisans are creating their communications plans on the spot which primarily consist of using police scanners, volunteers and ham radios to coordinate activities. This has turned out better than one would expect. They are on the various ham nets looking for help on configuring different things. I put in a plug for T-REX 2014  as this is what a communications plan exercise is all about. Practicing ahead of time. I hope you are getting ready for T-REX 2014 yourself.

The partisan reports that they are trying to stay focused on message. Their core message is, that wide open borders is financially unsupportable.  It is hard as the national media spends all day looking for any person they can get to say something racist or demeaning about these people to paint the valid issues these citizens have in the most negative light possible.  They are aware that the corporate media are hostile forces. He has seen multiple instances where the national media is doing everything they can not to report any balanced news and are intentionally presenting the partisans in the most negative light possible. He said it was one thing to know they did it, but quite another to see them do it in person.  He has said that thanks to the activities of partisans such as Guerrilla Media Network and their online presence at the Stand With the Citizens of Murrieta Facebook page they are getting a limited amount of media out. He suggested for people who wanted to keep up with the actual truth on the ground to monitor those two web sites.

It is interesting to see the partisans learn the lessons of CCS and RFR and SB. Train as you fight. Practice whatever you think you will do in crisis now. Learn the technology of communications including computer security such as the American Redoubt Darknet, HAM communications such as AmRRON and TAPRN. And learn how to leverage social media now. You may need these skills in the future. A good place to start is to take part in the T-REX 2014 national preparedness communications exercise on the weekend of August 22 – 24 (Fri – Sunday).  Viva Cristo Rey.