Per Unit: $167.95 ($149.95 + $18 S&H)

Payment options accepted at this time:

1. *Cash (sent in an aluminum foil envelope placed inside of a normal
privacy envelope)

2. *BLANK money order

3. Paypal payment to:

*Mailing address for payment:

     RBN, Dept. ADL
     PO Box 757
     Rathdrum, ID 83858


1. Send payment using one of the above options to the above mailing
address (RBN, Dept. ADL).  If you are an AmRRON member, include your
AmRRON Code Name with the payment so we know who in the world the
payment came from. 

1.a  NOT A MEMBER?  If you are NOT an AmRRON Member, then use a
Date/Time Group (DTG), such as the date and time when you sealed the
envelope, as a unique identifier (YYYYMMDD-HHMM).  Keep the DTG handy,
and include that DTG in the email correspondence with us.  We need to be
able to match the payment with the information in your email. 

2. Email (STRONGLY recommended using pgp
encryption.) AmRRON Dark Labs PUBLIC KEY

    - Place something obscure in the Subject line, such as "Upcoming
training", or "Weather Alert", or "Antenna Building Plans", etc. 

    - Who are you?  Include your AmRRON Code Name or the DTG from the
above 'NOT A MEMBER?' section (Line 1a).

    - Let us know the quantity of units you wish to order and confirm
the payment has been sent

    - Include the drop mail address you want the unit shipped to. 

3. Once payment is received AmRRON Dark Labs will process your order and
generate a shipping label with tracking number.

4. The tracking number will be emailed to you

5. Shipping normally takes about 24 to 48 hours.  Packages normally
arrive in 2 - 3 days.