The Spot Report is a guide to assist with reporting threatening or potentially threatening activity that you or someone you know have observed. Designed as a tool to aid soldiers in reporting observed enemy activity, this can be adapted to report criminal activity, invading military forces, or forces of an oppressive regime. This is a combination of two reporting formats (SALUTE & 5W's). Fill everything out as soon and as accurately as possible.
    How (How Many)
    [1] Amrron Call Sign
    [2] Your Email
    [3] Precedence
    [4] Date
    S [5] Size (Platoon? Battallion? # of Vehicles? # of Persons)
    A [6] Activity (Convoy, Checkpoint, Patrol, Cordon, Training, Interrogation, Relocating/Evacuating Citizens, Etc.)
    L [7] Location (GPS/Grid Coord, Address, Road Name/#, Direction, Proximity to Landmarks, Nearest Town, Etc.)
    U [8] Unit (Domestic/Foreign, Police, Military, Branch, Guard/Reserve, Unit Designation, Civ Supt, Volunteer, Etc.)
    T [9] Time & Duration (Date/Time Group: YYMMDD 24hr-Time eg. 20131117 0930 Mtn/Pcfc/Zulu, Etc.)
    E [10] Equipment (Weapons, Equipment, Supplies, Vehicles, Armor, Etc.)
    [11] Narrative:
    Supporting Documentation
    Upload supporting documents, images, videos, etc. below. If you need to upload more files than , use additional Spot Report forms.
    The following file types are supported: txt, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, odt, avi, ogg, m4a, mov, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, wav & wmv. Please let us know if you wish to upload another file type.
    File sizes are limited to 10mb each.
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    End of Report
    AFO-100 REV 201411202332

    Submit Report

    Who Who are you (Code Name/Call Sign)? Did you witness this yourself? Who did? Is this person credible/reliable? Who did you speak with? Who told you this? Did you get his/her contact information?
    What What happened? What did you see? What did you hear? What did they say to you? What was the end result? (CREATE A TIMELINE in chronological sequence.)
    Where Same as 'L' (Location) in the SALUTE report. Where did this happen/is this located? What direction? Location of first and last operation?
    When Same as 'T' (Time) in your SALUTE report. Time/Date and duration.
    Why Explanation given for activity (yours & theirs), if any. Why were you there and why did you have access to this event/information? (Passerby, observed, participated, solicited, coerced, detained, etc.)
    How/How Many How do you know? How did they treat you? How did you react? How were they carrying out this activity? How many people, trucks, tents, crates, trailers, antennas, backpacks.
    Documentation: Photos, Sketches, Maps, Copies of Documents, Videos, Audio Interviews or Interview Transcripts/Notes. Each piece of documentation should be accompanied by a description with the basic 5Ws/How (or SALUTE) information. Who provided the documentation? (Use remarks.)