1. Fill it out online!

  2. Add up to three attachments

  3. Click ‘SEND’ to submit report

Done!  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Click the link to go to the AmRRON SPOT Report form, and ‘Save Page As’ and bookmark it:


A SPOT report is how you share your observations with others.  Whether it’s an indicator that something could be developing, or something you see related to an ongoing or developing situation, you could help others by reporting it.

The SPOT report, with the SALUTE acronym, was designed as a mnemonic to aid soldiers in reporting enemy activity.  This can be adopted to any situation, such as reporting:

– Invading military forces

– Criminal activity

– Rogue or imposter groups of police, military, or other perceived authority

– Military or Police activity operating illegally/unconstitutionally under the color of authority

  • Roadblocks
  • Cordon or house to house searches
  • Seizure of property without due process
  • May include planning, training, operations, equipment to support illegal (or unconstitutional) activities

See something?  Say something, so other citizens, trusted leadership, elected officials, or proper trusted authorities can be notified.