White vinyl AmRRON decal

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Approximately 3.5″ tall by 3″ wide.

This decal comes on a piece of transfer paper. Be very careful when removing it from the transfer paper and when applying it. Make sure none of the vinyl gets left behind. When you are applying the decal, rub aggressively over the entire thing before removing the transfer paper. Remove transfer paper slowly so you can check your work.

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2 reviews for White vinyl AmRRON decal

  1. Chris Goddard

    Really like the show

    • Golf Bravo-01

      Me, too. I will let John Jacob know that you left your feedback. 73’s Golf Bravo-01

  2. Mercury01

    Thank you and God Bless our AmRRON Corps for throwing up their wires and throwing out their signals…together, with the guiding light of Jesus Christ, WE will be prepared…

    • Golf Bravo-01

      Thanks for being there.

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