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The Partisan Operator Journals are weekly editions of an ongoing fictional story, posted at, and encrypted, as part of an on-air ‘scavenger hunt’ of sorts.  The weekly activity involves radio operators who participate in practice nets, seeking out ‘Vericodes’ and ‘Supplemental Vericodes’ from the nets which, when combined, create the password to unlock (decrypt) each week’s journal entry posted on the Partisan Operator Journal web page.

The book series called The Partisan Operator Journals are not merely a fictional story (or series of stories)
written simply for the sake of writing another dystopian novel.  The Journals are the product of a training
incentive tool introduced in January 2020 for members of AmRRON, a volunteer emergency radio network.

The Journals, having become very popular and well received, have themselves taken on a life of their own.

The American Redoubt Radio Operators Network (AmRRON) was founded in 2011 as a patriot-oriented emergency radio communications network for disasters and civil defense.  The network has grown to include thousands of regular (free) memberships and approximately 700 AmRRON Corps members (annual paid membership), with members in every state, plus Canada, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and India (as of this writing).  Since its inception, AmRRON has conducted regularly-scheduled practice nets on the air across the country using HF voice and digital modes, as well as regional and local nets on HF, VHF, and UHF radio bands.

In 2019, this book’s author and founder of AmRRON — John Jacob Schmidt – along with several senior members of AmRRON Corps, identified a gradual decline in participation in the practice nets.  It was determined that the nets had gradually become monotonous in uninteresting — boring.  The Partisan Operator Journals are the solution to that.  The weekly Operator Journals are free to anyone so long as they do not share them publicly.

John Jacob Schmidt is the sole author of the Partisan Operator Journals.  As previously mentioned, the POJs have taken on a life of their own and the format has evolved from the original vision of weekly short stories.  POJ Volume 1 is a continuation of a story involving only a handful of characters on a single mission, one year after ‘Zero Day’.

The Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and tradecraft discussed in this book, while practical and realistic, are not legal for using on the Amateur Radio bands.  The fictional characters in this book are depicted combining skills and equipment as ham operators and as military veteran radio operators in a wartime WROL (Without Rule Of Law) environment.     The full URL is


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5 reviews for Partisan Operators Journals -Volume 1

  1. CA03

    Fun read. Plot was well done. Interspersed radio and other comms ideas very well.

    A few overlooked errors but still 5 stars. Would make a great gift.

  2. WV03

    I received the book and really liked the quality construction. It has a heavy duty cover and pages are sharp & white. Not a cheaply constructed book.
    I read a few chapters and decided to buy an additional 3 more to pass out to family members.
    The storyline is put together with a realistic plot details any commo guy, prepper or ham radio operator will love.

  3. Jonathon

    Enjoyed the book immensely. Learned a few things as well. Definitely a 5 star rating.

  4. Test

    When is it going to be back on stock? I have been waiting for a while.

  5. Ted Dunlap

    For anyone occasionally thinking tactically and including comms as a consideration, this book is great. For those a shade more interested in those two topics, Partisan Operators Journals is a GEM; a gold mine.

    I am thrilled they are available again. DO NOT HESITATE to buy your copy.

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