Book: “The Perils of Sustainable Development”, by Rene’ Holaday


“The Perils of Sustainable Development”, by Rene’ Holaday. 192 pages of research into the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21.  Quick and easy read.  Learn the reason we are all being forced into prepping! Written from a Christian perspective.

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“The Perils of Sustainable Development” is about “The United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21”, and how Sustainable Development plans to completely abolish things like private property rights, individual rights, air conditioning, driving of vehicles, rural living, meat consumption, livestock ownership, farming, logging, and much much more. It is written in a way that makes it an “easy and a quick read” that will provide the reader with an instant basic outline of all the most important facts, so that you don’t have to spend years weeding through endless deceptive government documents and websites! Six years of solid research has pulled together a complete picture of what the UN has in store for the United States, and what has already been covertly accomplished in our great nation. It is a compilation of all the most important facts and glaringly incriminating quotes. It also supplies the reader with Resolution Templates and blueprint action plans that have already been successful in over 57 cities, counties, and two states in the USA. The reader can use these “blueprints” in order to start putting their own plans of action into progress in their own local areas to put a stop to these UN programs. This book is also highly recommended for use by our elected officials, regardless of party affiliation. If you enjoy your private property rights and other essential American values, this is a “must have” book that will show you what is going on and what we can do about it! When deception has been the central theme of these UN programs, every American needs this information before it is too late for the entire nation. It also contains multiple maps that outline affected areas, regional governance, and much more. You will need to know- do you even know if you live in an area deemed by the UN to be a “Wildlife Corridor” that will allow little to no human use within the next few years? Buy now!

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