4-4-4 by Rene’ Holaday


“4-4-4” by Rene’ Holaday is the continuation of her first book, “The Perils of Sustainable Development,” that is the current action plan for what Americans can legally and peacefully do about this Communist Coup without requiring centralized leadership.

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“4-4-4”, by Rene’ Holaday, is the part II, to her first book, The Perils of Sustainable Development.  Where the first book was more or less the comprehensive warning for elected officials to use to prevent a Communist takeover of the USA, “4-4-4” is the solution that can fix the USA, now that we are in that Communist Coup.

“4-4-4” uses military strategist, Sun Tzu’s requirements for a successful action without resorting to a call to arms, or a violent reclaiming process.  It’s a solution that is Biblical, Constitutional, strategic, and does not require Trump to be a central leading figure to get this accomplished.

It is based on 15 years of leading successful community, state, and national movements, and knowing what works and what doesn’t work.  It is also a solution that every community in America can do on their own to restore the USA to the  traditional America that we all want back.  How does 4-4-4 work?  It’s surprisingly simple for communities to engage with, and is based on God’s laws and on the Constitution through a Biblical method that our Founding Fathers would be proud of!

Do we want this Communist Coup to finish off America, or do we want a peaceful and legal solution that we can all engage in through every community across America, and fix this massive problem?  “4-4-4” is that solution, and it’s something that 76 million Americans that voted for Trump can use to reclaim what is rightfully ours! Get your copy today and start the first “4-4-4” action in your local community!





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