The official page for the 2024 annual scenario-based grid-down civil defense emergency communications training exercise!

(because no one else is doing it)

 T-REX 2024 Introduction | Video Coming!

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This year’s simulation exercise will be based on a double-pronged attack on the critical infrastructure of the United States and its allies, primarily and initially using a complex cyber attack. Additionally, just like last year, the scenario will include saboteurs from the fictional country, Maoistan, who have infiltrated into the United States through Mexico and Canada over the previous several months.  Their mission is to disrupt critical communications and power grid infrastructures by attacking physical sites, as well as other disruptive peripheral operations.


Simulated grid-down dates:  Friday, July 19th (19:00 Zulu) through July 21st (19:00 Zulu)

For help converting ZULU time to your Local Time, there are numerous online conversion tools.  Here’s one example!

  • Zulu Time Zone  19:00Z (7:00 pm)
    • Eastern Time, EDT  15:00 (3:00)
    • Central Time, CDT  14:00 (2:00)
    • Mountain Time, MDT  13:00 (1:00 pm)
    • Pacific Time, PDT  12:00 noon
    • Anchorage,  AK  11:00 am
    • Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time 10:00 am HDT

Lead-up Timeline:  Keep checking for updates, which will become more frequent in the days and weeks leading up to the exercise.  We will post ‘Breaking News’ updates to our WIWT NEWS (What-if It Were True) T-REX News page on or about July 1st.


Anyone can participate!  Don’t have comms yet?  You can simulate shutting your phone, power, and internet off and practice your preparedness plan, cook your food off grid, conduct first-aid training, practice using your water filters, test your solar battery lights.  Use your imagination.

Individuals and Groups.   Whether you’re an individual person going solo, or a family, church group, preparedness group, militia, county-wide network, etc., this is a great opportunity for you to simulate a gid-down emergency situation.  Make up your own sub scenarios that are relevant to your own situation, practice your bugout  or bug IN plan.  Host preparedness training for the weekend (your home, church, VFW hall, etc.) giving updates to the group as news, information, and intelligence is received from the ongoing nets;  Discuss what you would do if the news you received was real, or impacts or action items for your family or group.

The primary focus of the exercise is emergency communications.  How would you get news and information in a grid-down emergency?  Learn how you can stay informed, even if you’re not licensed, or don’t have HF (High Frequency/shortwave) transmitting capabilities.  Here are some resources:

How To Receive Net Traffic and NWOTW if Not an HF Station

And also the latest video on how to receive HF communications, even if you’re not a licensed ham!


Communicators:  This is a chance for you to practice using your communications equipment to stay informed and inform others.  Put your gear and skills to the test and take notes on needed improvements.  Did you have the right software, the signal operating instructions, the custom AmRRON forms, adequate power supply, etc.?

For the best experience, be sure to get a copy of the AmRRON SOI (Signals Operating Instructions) VERSION 5.0.

Much more to follow.  Keep checking the website!