This is the official T-REX 2022 scenario-based nationwide grid-down training exercise landing page.  Refresh this page periodically.


The T-REX 2022 scenario will be based upon a large scale cyber attack against the west, especially the United States, ahead of a Taiwan invasion by China.  Additional disrupting events will be added as well.  You’ll have to tune in.

Are you ready to take to the airwaves?

Hint!  Hone your One Time Pad skills!   This year’s T-REX will include an OTP decryption exercise.  More details to come!

(note:  Per FCC rules, we do not send encrypted messages over the Amateur Radio bands.  This will consist of an exercise where the KEY will be distributed over radio, with which to decode an encrypted message posted on the website for anyone wishing to participate)

A flurry of information will begin appearing here beginning Wednesday evening, August 31st, leading up to the exercise start (Noon Pacific, September 9th) .

If you’d like you can listen to the T-REX Preparation and Primer segments of the latest Radio Free Redoubt podcast, posted at:

T-REX 2022 Preparation and Primer (RFR weekly Podcast)

Refresh this page periodically.