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    List any specific Net(s) you are volunteering for (and whether New or Existing net)

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    If this is a currently existing, active AmRRON net, please provide the AmRRON callsign and email address of the P.O.C. (Point of Contact) -- the primary NCS on record for that net. Otherwise type 'New net':

    List any NCS experience you may have or additional comments.
    Note: previous NCS experience is NOT required.

    Read the below Roles & Responsibilities for AmRRON Net Control Stations:

    • Be On Time. You are responsible for running the net at the time listed on the Scheduled Nets Calendar.

    • Be Prepared. Have everything ready and arrive on frequency 5 minutes prior to net and announce net will be starting in 5 minutes. If your net is on an amateur radio frequency, remember to follow FCC rules and ask if the frequency is in use before starting a net.

    • Have a Backup Plan. Consider recruiting an alternate NCS in the event you are unable to run the net (any alternate NCS must also complete NCS application form).

    • You are the link to the rest of the AmRRON network. It is your responsibility to acquire AmRRON traffic intended for wide distribution, and ensure it gets passed to your net, or to arrange with someone in your net to be able to receive net traffic to distribute to your net. If you are not HF transmit capable, the following article might be helpful to you: .

    • Follow the AmRRON Preamble and Net Scripts. Use the Preamble and Net Scripts provided by AmRRON. *the net scripts can be used as a guide- see note below.

    • Note- Some nets are jointly held with other patrio1t/preparedness radio networks. For example, there are AmRRON/Oathkeeper Nets that are conducted, encouraging participation from two or more groups, but are announced as such, with all participating groups mentioned. AmRRON must be mentioned in the preamble and during the net, to be listed on the Net Calendar and considered an AmRRON Net.

    • Submit Net Report. You will be required to submit a Net Report using the online form on within 24 hours of closing your net (even if you only have yourself as a check-in).

    • Provide Net Updates. Submit any net updates to for review and to update the Net Calendar and Net Directory. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to week, day, time, frequency, mode, etc.

    • Do not abandon your net. If for some reason you cannot continue maintaining your net schedule as reflected in the scheduled nets page of the website, let us know so we can remove it from the list.

    • Review NCS Training Materials. Thoroughly read materials (links will be sent via email). Adapt as needed with policy/procedure updates.

    • Properly represent. Remember, you are representing AmRRON during the nets. Treat your net like the world is listening. Be considerate to others on the frequency, offer support to those learning, and be friendly and patient with new operators.

    I have read the above roles & responsibilities and would like to continue the NCS application process.