With the growth of the AmRRON nets, we created a calendar so at a glance you can see the scheduled nets. Here is a basic tutorial to help you navigate and sort the calendar.

Note: Reoccurring events are scheduled based on the week starting on Wednesday. This helps align local nets on the same week as the AmRRON National Nets.

Net Control Stations-
If your net requires any updates on the calendar, email nets@amrron.com with the corrections.

The AmRRON Scheduled Nets Calendar is located at: www.amrron.com/calendar


The default view for the calendar is the ‘month’ view. You can select from four different views.

Event Details:

Hover over an event to display the event details. You can then click on the details for an expanded view to display images, links and more detailed information.

Navigating in ‘Month’ View:

There are a few ways to navigate. You can simply click the next month. Or, you can click on the current month and it brings up a small calender. You can then click the month in the calendar and quickly arrow to any month of the year and then select any start date within that month to display that month.

tags arrow

You can sort the events by selecting a ‘tag’ or ‘category’.
Note: Selecting the least amount of tags/categories optimizes the sorting since each tag/category added, will include ALL events that fall under that tag/category.


Q:How to find your local net?
A: Selecting the county of your local net listed under the tags will display all the local nets in your county. You could also select your state under the categories to view all the nets in your state.

tags arrow2

Q: How to remove a selected tag or category?
A: You can either click on the selected tag/category to remove it or you can click the x next to ‘Category’ or ‘Tag’ and it will remove ALL selected.

Agenda View:

agenda arrow

Selecting the ‘Agenda’ view, displays the events in a list format.

expand arrow
Once you are in the ‘Agenda’ view, you can expand the events to view the details.