Thank you for your interest in joining the AmRRON Corps Team! Please allow up to 2-5 days for your application to be processed and a welcome letter to be sent out.

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    New members, please complete the Standard or Vanity Call Sign section:

    The initial(s) of your choosing will be used to assign your phonetic AmRRON Call Sign.
    Example: Initials, E. B. would assign Echo Bravo along with the next available number.
    Note: For PERSEC (Personal Security) do not use your actual initials.


    If you would like to request a 'vanity call sign' in lieu of the phonetic call sign option, please list it below for review. Call signs MUST be easy to understand audibly. A vanity call sign should not contain any personal or identifiable information. We have the right to refuse any vanity call sign request. (example: Willy Wonka vs Ksallq4. You can see, one would be easily heard and identifiable)


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    We encourage you to use an email that does not contain personal information such as your name or FCC call sign.




    Are you an AmRRON Net Control Station (NCS)?

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    DigitalShortwaveScannerCW (skilled)Black Echo Rebroadcast
    EchoLinkWinlinkRMS Express

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