This is the first in a series of videos I’ve been working on recently.  Please share far and wide.  There are a LOT of good patriots who will be in an information blackout in a major event.

They need to know that not being a licensed ham should be no barrier to staying informed in a major grid down event!

NOTE:  The resources and links posted below are from the YT video description.  It’s a packed week  (week of June 3rd), but in the next couple of days I will be adding images and additional notes to this posting.

So please check back!


Youtube Video Link:


Removing the excuses and providing guidance and resources! In a major grid-down event how will you stay informed in an information blackout?
News, information, and situation reports will be flying across the airwaves by experienced hams from all over the country, and beyond. But you don’t have to be a licensed ham to RECEIVE information that could be vital for making informed decisions, and for your overall situational awareness.

All of the information, resources, and links to get you capable of receiving using FREE software and AFFORDABLE receivers, is posted at:

VIDEO – Receive HF Digital Communications — Even if You’re Not a Licensed Ham!

(Some of the resources linked below are affiliate links, which helps support the work we do)

Shortwave Receivers (w/SSB):
Tecsun PL880….
Tecsun PL680…
Tecsun PL368…

Antenna ‘Random Wire’ length article:

SDR Receivers:
RTL-SDR Receiver… …or the;NUELEC SDR Receiver…
QUICKSTART Guide for setting up RTL-SDR:

Quick Start Guide

To download and setup SDR Sharp signal decoding software:
Go to, and from the Downloads page, select ‘Software Defined Radio Package’.

Highly recommend YT vid covering full setup of RTL-SDR and SDRSharp on Windows 10:

FLDIGI Suite of FREE software for decoding data/digital mode radio traffic:

AmRRON Custom html forms downloadable at:

AmRRON Forms

Don’t forget the guide for importing and installing custom forms:

Downloading Custom Forms

Video tutorials for downloading, installing, and using FLDIG, FLMSG, and FLAMP:

FLDIGI- Tutorials Videos

Audio Patch Cable:

USB Audio Adapter (if your computer does not have a mic ‘in’ jack):


Download guide:
Download page:


AmRRON SOI (Signals Operating Instructions):

Signals Operating Instructions (SOI) Version 5.0 Released!

AmRRON Intelligence Brief (AIB) latest white paper, including schedule, frequencies, and modes:

White Paper – Updated 2-20-2024 – AmRRON Intelligence Brief