Iran reportedly carried out the first direct air strikes against Israel this evening, from Iranian soil using drones and long-range cruise missiles.  Israel missile defense systems, along with Air Force aircraft joined by a coalition of U.S., U.K., Jordanian, and other nations, intercepted hundreds of incoming missiles and drones.

Russia is threatening to intervene if the U.S. directly strikes Iran.

Israel is preparing for a sophisticated and powerful precision response on Iranian targets in Syria and Iran in the coming hours and days.

GPS disruptions have been reported, complicating navigation for aircraft and maritime ships.  We should anticipate cyber attacks as another method of warfare against (and from) all parties involved.

AmRRON will be at AmCON-2, effective 20240414-0400Z, in anticipation of anticipated/expected disruptions to conventional telecommunications and/or internet services.

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The following are the highlights from reports posted to the AmRRON Telegram channel, the AmRRON Corps Z-Net, and the AmRRON Mobile Team App this evening.

Israeli sources to the NYT: Iran launched a total of 331 missiles and UAVs

First wave of drone swarms from Iran expected to to arrive at edge of Israel’s airspace at approximately 0100Z (0400 Jerusalem time / 2100 Eastern /1800 Pacific).

Russia raises its state of alert to the highest level.

Putin comes to the aid of his Iranian ally: “The smallest American attack on Iranian territory will force us to support Iran.”

American official to Reuters: The meeting between Biden and the National Security Council team has begun in the situation room at the White House

The Iranian media reports that the United States has asked Iran, through Qatar, to stop its attacks on Israel immediately. Iran refused this request and threatened to attack American bases in case of American intervention.

Amir Tsarfati:
Sources associated with the Syrian opposition report an Israeli attack now on the Damascus airport.

Reuters: The Jordanians shot down dozens of drones that were over their territory, on their way to Israel. The Iron Dome is functioning perfectly over the skies of Israel.

Senior Israeli officials:
“We intercepted 99% of the Iranian response.”

Iranian Revolutionary Guards:
“We warn the US that any support and participation in harming Iran’s interests will result in a decisive and harsh response from our side.”

99% of the missiles and UAVs were intercepted by 4 layers of defense from the air from the sea and the land, in Israel and abroad.

Israel’s war cabinet just approved a powerful response on Iranian soil.

The Iranian airstrike is over. After a long and tense night, the attack came to an end and as we can see at the moment – it gave the opening signal for an official confrontation between Israel and Iran, in what is yet to escalate and develop into a real war.