Change #1 (and the final change)

For the month of October (only), we are changing up our national and rolling regional nets on the 1st and 3rd weeks of October.

THIS IS A TEST RUN.  October 3rd and 17th (These are TUESDAYS... previously scheduled to take place on Wednesdays).

If the 40m bands perform as we expect and hope, this change will be put into affect on January 1st, 2024, and will be reflected in the AmRRON SOI (Version 5.0).

TUESDAYS (Digital)

National Net will take place on Tuesday, at 1900z (voice), followed by the Digital Net at 20:00Z, at 900 on the waterfall

Rolling Regional Digital Nets will take place ALSO ON TUESDAYS at 1800 Local Time in each time zone, at 900 on the waterfall.

Otherwise, nets will be ran as they normally are:  Checkins, AIB passed, etc.

No nets on Wednesdays in October


Rolling Regional Voice will take place THURSDAYS at 1800 Local Time in each time zone.