The following is a highlighted list from the AmRRON Corps Wednesday ‘Breakout Channel’ Z-Net training net.

Kilo Foxtrot-25 facilitated the training and brought out some really great net etiquette points, especially as it relates to JS8Call activity and settings during the digital nets.

NET ETIQUETTE – ‘Netiquette’
Breakout Channel 9/14/2023
Facilitator: KF-25

First item discussed is net procedures for minimizing interference during nets, covered in the AmRRON Signals Operating Instructions:

Page 65 in the SOI (V 4.2)

READ Section 7.5 Minimize Interference: Guidance to minimize interference of net traffic being transmitted


JS8Call 1800 T0 2500 (changing to 1850 in SOI V 5.0 — Jan 2024)
Contestia 1000 (changing to 900 in SOI V 5.0 — Jan 2024)
FSQ/vARIM Defaults at 1500


Even when there is separation between JS8Call and fldigi (1000 on wf), strong JS8 signals will often interfere with other stations receiving traffic in fldigi.
*Do not transmit in JS8Call during digital nets
• Turn OFF ‘TX’
• Do NOT manually send SNR queries
• If you must be away from your station when a scheduled net will be taking place:
A) Turn OFF automatic Heartbeat
B) Set your auto reply to require manual confirmation:
File > Settings > General (tab) > Networking & Autoreply (tab) > Autoreply section >
Check the box next to ‘Ask for confirmation before sending autoreply transmissions’

*Exception: Unless you have Priority or higher traffic and you cannot send the same message in fldigi.

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