From Accuweather:

Idalia has lost wind intensity since moving inland and is now a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph, but the storm is far from over. A tornado watch was issued for parts of South Carolina and North Carolina through 10 p.m. EDT. Nearly 2 million people are under the watch, which includes Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina. Portions of Florida and southeastern Georgia remain under a tornado watch that was issued on Tuesday night ahead of Idalia making landfall.

AmRRON operators are monitoring per Persistent Presence Net schedule .  The 24 to 72 hour time period following a major hurricane is the most critical to monitor.

The Eastern SIGCEN is active and standing by to handle any Hurricane Idalia related traffic.  Also, Eastern and Central AmRRON operators are monitoring to assist with traffic or relays.

Expectation:  AmRRON radio operators in the impacted area, after securing the safety of themselves, their families, and immediate surroundings, are expected to provide a status report, either using internet/email tools, or in the case of grid/comms down, a STATREP (at minimum) to the network, and a SITREP if time and resources permit, including any needs or any urgent medical or rescue requests.

For those with Commstat, please submit a STATREP that way as well.

Let us know you’re okay or need anything!