T-REX 2023 is now under way. 

All participating stations will simulate a grid down scenario, with complete loss of cell phone service, internet, and commercial power, until 2300Z, Sunday, July 23rd.  

Use non conventional communications to report your status over the AmRRON Network.  Your STATREP should reflect the conditions listed above, as well as any other conditions you might include which might be affected.

Commstat users, submit one STATREP per day, and use the Ack feature to FORWARD you STATREP no more than once per hour.

Create a new STATREP only if something in your STATREP changes.

Tune in to the AmRRON nets to understand more about the cause, size, scope, and effects of this simulated nationwide emergency.

Have fun, and take good notes.  This is so we can all improve and test our equipment and skills.