The nationwide simulated grid-down exercise is “scheduled” to begin at 20:00hrs Zulu.  But do we get to schedule disasters?  They can happen at any time, with little to no warning.

  • T-REX 2023 will start off at AmCON-1, using Schedule 1 net schedule.  However, always be ready to adjust.  Changes sometimes become necessary, and adjustments might be necessary depending on the situation.  There ‘could’ be a schedule change at some point in the exercise (act surprised).
  • GRID DOWN! All stations will simulate that you are without commercial communications, power, and internet (even satellite).  Your STATREPs should reflect that (P.14 of your S.O.I.)
  • COMMSTAT NETS:  Commstat is still very new, so we haven’t determined the best practices for integrating it into the overall AmRRON comms plan.  HOWEVER, nets will be conducted on both Friday and Saturday:
    • 20m 21:00Z
    • 40m 22:00Z
  • Prepare a STATREP (preferably using Commstat).  Use Commstat, or the AmRRON Custom STATREP form V 4.0, or even send abbreviated over voice, JS8Call, or plain text FLDIGI.
  • No grid-up support tools may be used.  Internet, website, smart phone apps, etc. may not be used as a ‘help desk’ for communicating or coordinating during the exercise.  This is the ‘test’.  Have you been practicing?

More information may follow.  Keep checking back and refreshing this posting.