Last week a compilation of white papers was placed in a single post, and in that posting it was stated:

BE EXPECTING a white paper to be released this week (week of 26 June 2023) addressing the AmRRON File Naming Protocol.

HOWEVER… this topic has generated more discussion and input among many seasoned AmRRON operators.  There are several considerations to factor in.  This is certainly not a topic over which a committee needs to be formed (that was humor), but we will table this and revisit the AmRRON file naming protocol at some point after T-REX 2023.

To maintain uniformity, avoid confusion, and stay consistent with the current AmRRON Signals Operating Instructions (from now through July, and until further notice), all traffic generated by AmRRON stations, to be sent over the AmRRON network, and/or is  directed to AmRRON stations, the current file naming found in the SOI (Section 7.1, Page 58) will be used. 

If you see AmRRON traffic being passed across nets (whether practice, training, or T-REX) which is formatted differently, please notify the sending station, and request that they properly rename the file and resend.

EXCEPTION:  It is a common practice to abbreviate the type of traffic before or after the Date Time Group (DTG).  If you see this, please accept it and/or relay it.  For example — SIT-YYYYMMDD-HHMMZ-PPP-AZ-XYZ-003.k2s  to indicate that the traffic is a SITREP.





EX = EXSUM (Executive Summary)

A white paper addressing the File Naming Protocol may also be found at:

White Paper: File Naming Protocol