Is your SOI up to date?

We’re continually trying to improve.  When we identify something that isn’t working, or which conflicts, or could be improved, we address the issue with ‘white papers’.  These are considered official policy or guidance and supersede previous policy or guidance on the subject specified.

The following is a list of ‘white papers’ which have been released making corrections, addressing issues, or addressing conflicts in the current Version 4.2 of the AmRRON Signals Operating Instructions (SOI).  The particular white papers listed below address specific sections of the SOI, and which supersede those sections listed.   Be sure to print out the white papers to insert into your copy of the SOI in the pertinent sections.

The following changes will likely be reflected in future editions of the Signals Operating Instructions.

White Paper | File Naming Protocol 2023

White Paper | File Naming Protocol 2023

This new file naming protocol will be included in the next version of the AmRRON Signals Operating Instructions (Version 5.0), targeted to be released on January 1st, 2024.

As of the date of this white paper (09 Oct 2023), all AmRRON operators are encouraged to begin adopting the new file naming protocol.  If you see operators passing traffic using a different file naming convention, please remind them by sending them a copy of the hyperlink to this posting.


White Paper – Modification to National Net Schedule SOI V4.2 (19 February 2023)

Helps to deconflict the National 20m net in the SOI (Page 12), from the follow-on 40m Regional Rolling afternoon net schedule.  Additional improvements will be made and those changes will be reflected in the next release of the SOI.


White Paper | 80m HF Nets Change to Zulu Time (17 March 2023)

Changes the 80m Rolling Regional Nets to to take advantage of the improbed propagation one hour later in the summer months (Daylight Savings Time).


White Paper | ICS-213 Form Standardization  (15 June 2023)

This paper updates the form on Page 54 of the AmRRON SOI V4.2 to match the formatting in the fields for the ICS-213 in FLMSG forms.


White Paper | STATREP Forms and Formatting 2023  (18 June 2023)

This paper updates the STATREP to form Version 4, and supersedes the Status Report portion of the current Signals Operating Instructions, Version 4.2,  Sections 6.3.1, 2a, and 2b (Pages 37 through 45).



Commstat is not covered in the V4.2 SOI, but will be included in future editions.

JS8Call and Commstat | Comprehensive

Although this is a setup and use guide for the JS8Call companion program, Commstat, and is not a “white paper,”  the use of Commstat guidance for producing and submitting STATREPs are updated and reflect in STATREP white paper guidance referenced above.