The 3rd edition of the AmRRON Beacon newsletter is available!

The weekly journal for patriot radio operators

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The newsletter can be read or downloaded each Monday morning from the AmRRON Beacon web page.  Our goal is to present relevant information for the AmRRON radio operators in the patriot community.  We hope to produce a weekly publication to bring you news and information related to AmRRON, announcements and updates, as well as other informative and entertaining content.  The topics and sections will range from just some of the following:

AmRRON News (what’s the latest in AmRRON?)
Calendar (Nets & Upcoming Events)
Net etiquette, getting started, AmRRON related content
Radio history, comms quotes
Ham radio cartoon
Disasters in the news where comms mattered
Gear (recommended/personal kit testimonies)
Alt Comms (GMRS, Meshtastic, etc.)
From the Field reports
Pro Tips (radio or software settings, field ops, kit/gear tips, etc.)
Antenna theory
Electronics and Radio Theory
Net Reports (how many check ins; states w/ most check ins)
Video of the Week
Testimonials (ham radio real world and AmRRON)
Training section

You will be able to read the online version of the latest edition, plus previous editions, all on the same web page.

We have also made each edition available in PDF format for you to download and print.

We want to hear from you, the AmRRON radio operator in the field.  What content would you like to see?  Do you have content that you would like to contribute, or suggestions for resources or content you would like to see included?

To read or download your copy, go to the AmRRON Beacon web page.