From Todd Starnes:

BULLETIN: Transformers Explode Across California, 100,000 Without Power in SF

DEVELOPING STORY: Tens of thousands of people are without power across California after a powerful winter storm system, known as a bomb cyclone, pounded the region. Several levees and dams have either been breached or are in danger of breaking. There are also fears of flooding and landslides. Thousands have already been ordered to evacuate their homes and head to higher ground.


From Papa-04 (Oregon):

Initial Event Summary (IES)
West Coast Bomb Cyclone Event & Possible Earthquake in Northern California

As of this writing the west coast is in the beginning stages of a “bomb cyclone” there are currently high winds and surf particularly on the coast and my QTH is experiencing some higher than normal winds as well. Two trees fell and snapped power lines and also trapped a FedEx guy in his vehicle this AM. My power was out for a few hours and there is sporadic power outages, though not many yet in my county.

Also news stations and seismologists are predicting a 7.0 earthquake near San Francisco in the next couple of days.

My station will not be up until the winds die down as the ladder line is touching the ground every few minutes. There are two stations near me that are still up and running with FLDIGI.

(He provided alternate radio operators who he has VHF contact with in SW OR)


AmRRON Operators:

Increase monitoring on persistent presence net on JS8Call, FLDIGI (Contestia 4/250), and FSQCall.  Be prepared.