Greetings patriots.  We wish you a truly merry and blessed Christmas.

Ours, unfortunately, is coming with some severe challenges.  We’ve had a series of cascading, catastrophic logistical and infrastructure failures over the past 24 hours and are at the point where we don’t have a choice but to ask for help.  We have absolutely no resources to deal with the recently developed situation.

I don’t like to ask for help, so I don’t.  However, I have been scolded in the past for not asking when there is a specific need, from those who are able and want to.  We would not ask if the situation wasn’t so dire.

The recent freeze (-15 last night) caused issues, but the loss of commercial power for nearly two hours finally broke us.  We couldn’t get backup heaters and the generator deployed fast enough, everywhere everywhere they were needed.   There are so many interconnected logistical issues that it would be comical if it wasn’t so serious.

The heater in the well pump house failed and everything is frozen, including the pump, which appears to be busted.  Evidently the pump motor was trying to continue running (even though the water pump portion was frozen up) and caused an electrical fire in the panel, which welded the wiring together.  We have a 300gal water tank that we can fill from the spring, which we can’t get to because our tractor (snow plow) has a radiator that needs to be rebuilt/replaced.  Plugging the diesel truck in to preheat the engine caused an electrical fire in the engine heater wiring (apparently due to a short).  In the hour it took for me to get everything rerouted to power the pipe heaters under the house, the pipes froze and I need to replace the copper pipe with Pex pipe now.

There’s more… much more.  But suffice it to say, the next week will be spent working on repairs and water hauling, and we do not have the resources to do any of it.

We know others are struggling as well, but (for those who are able) if as many of you as possible could donate just $10, we would be eternally grateful.  Then I can get back to AmRRON and the multiple projects to help us meet the challenges that we will be facing in 2023.

I am only asking because so many of you have insisted that we ask for help for specific needs when they arise.

Paypal would be the fasted way to get donations to us (the AmRRON Paypal account is still active)

UPDATE:  We’ve just added Cash App:  @AmRRON

by *Paypal to

Or if by snail mail, to:

PO Box 757
Rathdrum, ID 83858

Thank you so much, in advance, for your consideration and your help, for those of you who are willing and able.