Updated AmRRON FLDIGI macros – 2022

Running digital modes and trying to type as fast as your station is transmitting the text?  Macros will make your life easier!

Macros allow you to say what you need to say with the click of a button.

The standardized AmRRON macro set can be used for a variety of functions, and include buttons for:

  • NCS  (Everything you need to run an HF digital net)
  • ANCS  (Everything you need to perform the role of assistant net control in response to NCS's request to do so)
  • Check-in Button  (Check in to an AmRRON HF net in the proper format)

The Readme 1st PDF file will walk you through setting up and customizing your macros for the net you run, or the net you will be checking into.

Download the .zip file, containing:

  • ReadMe 1st PDF file (Seriously, read it FIRST)
  • Macro (.mdf) file (designed for running and/or checking in to AmRRON HF practice nets
  • Folder containing the .txt (text) files that you will place in your FLDIGI Macros folder

Download the .zip file here –> https://amrron.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Macros-HF_Practice_2022_V2.zip