The following is from a document produced as an aid for an AmRRON Corps training session on the AmRRON Corps Z-Net ‘Breakout Channel’, on Wednesday evening, 28 September 2022.

Directly below is an excerpt from Page 1 of the document, FLDigi Training 101 v 1.0.

Scroll down to find the full downloadable, printable PDF version of the FLDigi Trainin 101 v 1.0 document.

FLDigi Training 101 v 1.0

1.Overview and Introduction
a)FLDigi is the “Swiss Army Knife” of AmRRON digital communications. A single program that includes most of the modes and tools used by AmRRON. It is something of a “set it and forget it” program that once you configure it for AmRRON use, you typically will not have to go back in and configure. Even if you upgrade the program, your settings will typically all move to the newer version.
b)FLDigi fits in to AmRRON’s toolbox as the foundational and primary tool for digital communications. Most Nets are transacted using FLDigi. If FLDigi was the only tool in your digital communications toolbox, you could get a good picture of what was going on.
c)There are two companion tools (programs) that work with FLDigi, FLMsg and FLAmp. These two programs are related to messages and especially messages sent as content for AmRRON Custom Forms. We will not discuss FLMsg and FLAmp in this document.
d)What this paper will cover:
i.Overview Introduction
ii.Setting up FLDigi
e)Not covered in this document
i.Installing Fldigi
ii.Full explanation of all configuration settings.
iii.Companion programs such as FLMsg and FLAmp
f)Notice: This document uses print screens for FLDigi 4.1.20 on a Windows 10 computer. Configuration for Linux and Pi will be very similar except for file locations and Soundcard settings


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