Simulated real-world training exercise


09/08/22 (WIWT News) DHS/CISA this morning confirmed what cyber security experts are reporting as “a very aggressive attack” on the economic sectors of the United States, Canada, Australia, and several European Union nations.  Specifically, servers and supporting software which support the processing of credit and debit card payments have been especially hard hit, leading to frustration by consumers and perplexity by financial institutions and businesses.

Founder and Chief Executive of Cyber Security-R-US, Snuffy Nerdsmith, stated that his most recent analytics match up with others’ in his field, and that “all indicators point to the Russian-backed hacker group, WeBreakInsky.”

“No one is exempt from the effects of these attacks,” Nerdinsky stated.  “The poor and needy who can’t process their EBT card purchases don’t deserve this, but too often these kinds of attacks don’t discriminate.”

CISA Chief Mary Manson said counter measures are being implemented, and urged Americans not to panic, and don’t add to the problem by withdrawing your money from the bank.  “We will have this under control in the coming days,” Manson said.




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