Thank you all who participated in today’s Activation Alert 822 Exercise!
IF you participated in the Alert Activation, please take the time to help us improve training.

We have a 24 hour survey posted on the AmRRON Mobile Team App. If you do not have the app, then use the questions below.

Copy/paste the questions below and email them, and your answers, to

1. Which traffic did you receive during the net?
A) CSRA SIGCEN Inital Event Summary
B) AmRRON National SIGCEN Initial Event Summary

2. Which band did you receive the traffic on?
A) Local VHF/UHF digital net
B) 40m Persistent Presence Net
C) 20m Persistent Presence Net
D) On both 20m and 40m Nets
E) 40m Digital Rolling Net
F) 20m Digital National Net

3. What was the best part of the exercise for you?

4. Any feedback or comments we can learn from?

Thank you for taking the time to train and give us feedback!

-The AmRRON team