The following notification was included in this week’s AIB-20220803:

Expect an AmRRON training ‘Activation Alert’ to be conducted in the next ten days. Refer to Page 24 (Section 4.8) of your S.O.I.

The alert can take place at any time, and all available AmRRON operators are encouraged to participate.

What is an ‘Activation Alert’?

  • It is an unscheduled activation of the AmRRON Nets
  • Simulates an instantaneous disruption of conventional power and/or telecommunications
  • It simulates an encironment where you do not know why, but you have no cell service, internet, or other telecommunications, and possibly no commercial power

What is expected of AmRRON radio operators during an Activation Alert?

  • *Refer to your Signals Operating Instructions (S.O.I.) and get on the air
  • Follow instructions of the NCS (Net Control Station operator)
  • Until an NCS arrives on the air (or if one does not arrive at all), receive and share information with others
  • Have a STATREP (Status Report) ready to submit
  • Fill out a SITREP (Situation Report) IF there is a significant event or development for you to report (Explosion, riot, train derailment, plane crash, dam breach, wildfire, etc.)
  • Once an NCS arrives on the air, he/she will assume control of the net, share what information he may have at the time, request and/or direct traffic, beginning with Emergency/Immediate traffic, then Priority traffic
  • Be prepared to submit a STATREP (Status Report).  Initially, NCS will likely request only an ‘Abbreviated STATREP’ from those on the net, depending on the volume of traffic.  This will help the NCSs better understand the size and scope of the event.
  • The NCS should also announce the next scheduled net, and any modifications to the net schedule in the S.O.I.
  • Do NOT expect NCS to take checkins as he would during a regularly-scheduled practice net, and do not call out and attempt to ‘check in’ as you would during a normal net
  • If you have off grid power capabilities, remain on the air after the close of the net to relay any traffic to others on the Persistent Presence Net

*In a real-world grid down event, the logical sequence after verifying you have no cell signal, internet, satellite, telephone, and possibly power, attempt to reach out to your local nets, including your local ham radio repeaters, and monitor your scanner, to ascertain if this is an event isolated to your immediate area or neighborhood.

If the disruptions include most or all of your local community, then refer to your S.O.I. and tune to the HF bands.  If there is not a scheduled net taking place, then refer to the Persistent Presence Net schedule and get on the air to learn if others outside your community are sharing the same experience.  If the event seems to be regional or nationwide (or continental), then refer to the ‘Expectations’ guidance listed above.

The upcoming Activation Alert will only last mere hours.

  • Not everyone will be available to participate.  There is no perfect time when everyone would be included.  There will be many more!
  • While we place extra emphasis on digital mode radio operations, we do expect to be running HF Voice nets where there are available HF voice NCSs.  However, there may not be full coverage in all areas.  We are working on this area to improve coverage.
  • Even after the ENDEX (End of Exercise) is announced, feel free to pass the training exercise traffic to others who may only be able to join late, and feel free to activate and practice with your local 2m, CH3, and GMRS nets well after the official close of the exercise.

All Activation Alert traffic must be passed ONLY over radio, or in person via courier.